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Hello everyone this is Darsh from So it’s time to show you guys the best apps of the month. Today in this article we’re going to show you the 10 new best apps for the month of 2021 which you should check out on your android device.

best android apps 2021

Here is a list of best android apps 2021 india


Spren is a smart notification manager for your phone. In this app you can receive the important notifications instantly while the rest are hidden safely. These notifications are hidden but neatly organized to go through at your convenience. So when you set up this app you can choose the apps for which you want the notifications immediately.


Also the apps for which you want to hide the notifications. Now you can view these notifications later on and you can also view the dismissed notifications in this app. So the main advantage of this app is that it will reduce the distraction by hiding unnecessary notifications. Apart from that this app can also block promotional notifications from shopping apps like amazon flipkart and so on. You can also block the group chat notifications which sometimes are very annoying. Overall Spren is a wonderful notification manager which will help you to enjoy uninterrupted work without any distraction.


Warden is a wonderful app which is created by an xda developer which allows you to see the apps which have loggers and trackers in them. So basically loggers in an app lock the user activity. Not all the loggers are bad but some of the logging tools such as acryx log which are very dangerous which can send your data without your consent.


So basically in this app you can scan the installed app in your phone and see the number of truckers and loggers in your phone. You can check if there is any harmful tracker or logger present in any of the apps you have installed. Overall i find this app really good and basically it offers peace of mind to see what kind of loggers and trackers you have in your phone. So if you want to check the apps you have installed in your phone then definitely try out warden.

Audio tube

Audio tube you can play and stream music from online sources such as youtube but with the ability to minimize the app something very similar to youtube premium. You can search for youtube videos and then play the audio from it and that’s it now you can lock your phone and turn off the display.

audio tube

You can use this app with your bluetooth speaker or also stream the music in your car. As of now this app works flawlessly and we have tested this app in a number of devices unfortunately this app is not free. The developer of this app was kind enough to give us 100 promo codes and if you want to get this app for free then follow us on Instagram right now. There we will be posting stories with promo codes in them so hurry up.

Better portraits

Better portraits is an easy-to-use app to create amazing portrait blur background photos. With this app you can simply add a depth effect to any photo the app detects the subject and auto recognizes the focus area. Apart from the depth effect, you can apply other filters such as color splash mono or stage lighting, and so on. Believe me, some of them look very good.

Better portraits

There are other few effects available in the app by which you can change the background with the available preset options. Apart from that in this app, you have curve editing which lets you change the attributes of the foreground and background of any photo which is my favorite feature of this app. You can change the brightness and contrast of the foreground and background of any photo. Overall better portraits is a very good app for photo editing.


Fanya is a to-do list in a task organizer app. With this, you can easily create new tasks and integrate them with your device calendar. Creating a task is really easy. Just add a new task, choose the start time and finish time, and then the category. Now you can see the upcoming and ongoing tasks on the home screen.


Apart from that, you can see the task list and such tasks from the completed or ongoing tasks. The interface of the app is really good and I find the user interface neat and clean. The app is free however there is a premium version that allows you to create new categories as well as backup and restore tasks.

4k wallpapers

4k wallpapers is a new wallpaper app that has some cool-looking HD and 4k wallpapers. So first in the app, we have the home page where you can see the popular wallpapers and I find the wallpaper. The collection in this app is very good. You can favorite the wallpaper or apply it within the app itself. There is also an option to preview the wallpaper download or see similar wallpapers.

4K Wallpapers

In the menu, we have the live wallpapers where you can find some cool-looking live wallpapers. After that, you have the exclusive content which supports the parallax effect and then in the trending menu, we have some popular wallpapers. Apart from that in the app, you can also search the wallpapers by categories that are neatly organized. Then we have the option to download the stock wallpaper by phone brand.

Light Meter

Light meter is an app for measuring light intensity using the proximity sensor of your phone. Then it shows you the rating. Usually, a lux meter is used by photographers to test the lighting conditions for better results. With this app you can adjust your room lighting by seeing the reading. You can select the room type and see if the current light in your room is enough or not.

Light meter

You can measure the indoor and outdoor lighting and compare the light intensity in your room. This app is unique but most importantly it works perfectly and I find it really helpful. I’m using this app these days to adjust the lighting while shooting videos. Overall if you’re looking for a perfect light meter then download this app right now.


I tiny is an all-in-one app that has 500 plus the most popular and useful light and web apps. You can use these light apps in the app itself without installing them on your phone. Which basically means you can save time and space on your phone. So in the app, you have these predefined categories. You can open the web app directly from the app itself and as mentioned earlier there are also some games in it. You can play these mini-games immediately without installing them.

I tiny

Apart from the predefined categories or web apps you can also use this app as a browser and save the web page in your favorites. Now talking about some more features you also have the radio menu which has some popular radio streams from India. Overall I tiny is a very good utility app which you should download right away on your phone.


If you’re tired of making the decision of which movie to watch next. Then this app will help you to decide it in a unique way. So once you and your friends install this app you can invite them to join a session and here you can select your country and the streaming apps.


You can start the session and here you can swipe left if you don’t like the movie suggestion or swipe right if you like. The app will show you a match once you and your friends swipe right on a particular movie. Now you can see which movie you all like to watch. Overall this app is simple but the concept of this app is really good.


Redness is a tech news story app and in this app, you will see the tech content uniquely. So basically it shows you a quick 60-second video that gives you necessary details about the news from the tech world. You can swipe right to see the next story or if you want to know more about the particular story. You can click on read more and it will show you the relevant article for that news.


I find this app very well optimized and the UI is also very good in the app. You can also take part in the quizzes and learn something new. Apart from that, you have the giveaways in which you can take part by using your red coins. Overall redness is unique and first of its kind video story tech news app which we like a lot so do check it out.

Final Words on best android apps 2021

So that’s it guys, these were the 10 best new android apps we have found for you for 2021. Let us know if you like them and share your favorite and let me know In the comment section below.

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