Hello, everyone, this is a note from get it so after the top 10 after year we will show you the 10 best new Android apps should check out for the month of January. so let’s begin with that video top 10 apps of the month and as usual, we will show the apps in random order.

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List Of best free android apps

In this post, we are going to show you Top 10 Best Mobile Apps for January 2020.  Some of these the best android apps recent launches and some are there on Android Play Store for quite some time. We have Handpicked these apps on the basis of functionality, uniqueness, and usability.

  1. LightMV
  2. Shake Light
  3. Transno
  4. Audible
  5. Math Solver
  6. Wallex Wallpaper
  7. Lock Me Out
  8. Ps Camera
  9. Tranit
  10. Colartive

the first app be having our list is the light MV, first of all, we would like to thank you for sponsoring this video now about the app music video maker you can make photo video slide show tick tock we just need to choose a template to add photos or video clips talking about the templates please review of any template before choosing the photos and videos once you have selected a template in it to select photos and videos and the Apple auto part is a video file for you apart from this in the applicant and a video overall this is a good app for those who was a promoted business on Instagram video clips which will help you to get more engagement you can also download a video from the app itself is a good video maker and if you want to make amazing video clips quickly.

Shake Light
The next App we have our list is this Shake light check light is it free app which allows you to just check your phone to turn on the flashlight of your phone this is available in few bones by default but if you want this feature in your phone with this simple app flashlight which is shake off your phone the app autorotational phone is in your pocket settings a test possibility section vibration and also the shake sensitivity Picerno to turn on the flashlight with the big power button and the app in the free version only one orange theme but in the paid version this app anything need one desportos on Instagram and Twitter where we will be posting stories and tweet it by promo code at a time so how do you have an Instagram and Twitter right now.
Download Shake Light 
Next app we having our list is the transno trans know is a proactivity app which will help you in different ways basically it’s a note-taking app but it will help you to manage inodes and there is also an option here which is mine map in one click notes and share it is Lee with your friends and colleagues I have tried a lot of apps are not dating before but Crossno is a wonderful app which offers a lot of features and the best part is that it’s really easy to use as well you can create mind map things easily which is Doug and Rob and also the app is enabled with cloud saying which means you can use it on multiple devices with the same progress initially will find this app it complicated but once you start using this not dating it’s really easy to use especially for someone who likes to organize things that they start then I can tell you to get a special link which will give you 6 points of pro features so definitely check it out.
Download Transno  https://transno.com/
Next on the list is the audible isn’t on the go listening app and it has a lot of things to entertain inspire you audibly isn’t Amazon company which is offering free audio series anytime anywhere I’ve been using this app commuting in the app you’ll find a lot of audible originals guys the content is really good and I’m surprised at this is available for free at the moment and believe me, once you start using this app will be immediately hooked to listen to different cities in episodes the sound quality of the episodes are very good person which is a horror So what are you looking for an Apple today demon purpose finish the average check out this month.
Math Solver
Next top of the month is the Microsoft math Solver Microsoft launch the new app anything ideal problems including arithmetic algebra trigonometry calculus can use this app in Deweese another problem as well and then in the second method you ca….driving Microsoft match all right now.
Wallex Wallpaper
Abbey having the list is the Wallex has a good collection of HD wallpapers and each wallpaper is handpicked to give you for an amazing look part of my quality and ask for your phone again download SD or 4 K wallpapers I have found a lot of new wallpapers in this app even though the app looks like play store but it is the collection another delivery is maintaining the app by frequency adding new wallpapers apart from that you have the usual options such as categories and you also have the sections which will show you the papers most downloaded any papers but if you want to use it without the address to music or gadget 60 which will give you 60 days of Pat retrial so download the app right now and use the code to get pro features for 60 days.
Lock Me Out
Next we have in the list is the lock me out lock me out as an app for those who are addicted to their smart phone and as a name suggest this app is simple but you lock you out from your phone but there are a lot of customizations and features available in this app in the app have the present time but you can choose from here and this will lock you out from your phone with no access to any app 20 seconds to have a quick peek or there is an option to pay the main purpose as you not going to pay ends it would restrict your phone usage about ramdisk extreme lock mode I cannot use during this rough. he can also customize your schedule the lock mode according to your usage and time of the day for all if you looking for an Apple smartphone usage then lock me out is the app you should install.
Ps Camera
Next time we have in the list is the Adobe Photoshop camera but it comes with hard body camera apps that I got up actions and play store but also they are difficult to use confusing for the casual user but recently Adobe has longer trial app which is the photoshop camera which would simplify the way you edit photos this camera app is easy to use to learn anything about editing this click a photo set apart from that in the app do some different lenses according to the photo and samerey overall I’m loving this new camera app on my 1 + 7 pro and if you want to check it out right now and do check the link to our website in the description below.
Backstab by having the list is the project plan it isn’t on screen translator for your social media Facebook WhatsApp etc just simply enable the app and choose your language in your French language and after that, you have the option to talk using this magnifying lens or translate everything on the screen but using the proset all option with you translate all option everything on the screen Decapoda concert at pages apps and games language is in the position is accurate and quite fast.
AND final lap of the month is the colartive different types of wallpapers phone be app name is mix of colors and creative which means using this app you can use your own creativity any colors of your choice to create wonderful wallpapers everything happens when your phone app offline as well there are different research in the average you can choose from and then take the colors as many as you want to give you a unique quality of the final generated wallpaper is also pretty good overall if you want to customize do your set up our icons then you should check out this app and start creating some creative or papers.
Final Words
so that’s it guys is worth a 10 best new Android apps we have for the month of January let us know if you like them and also do tell us your favorite new app of the month in the comment section below so that’s all for now if you like this post then please present like button and subscribe to our Blog once again this Drash signing off and I’ll see you in the next one.

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