Looking for something free to play on the iPhone or Android? We’ve got you covered with some newly released mobile games.
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Every month there is a lot of new Android games and IOS games release every month. We sort through Playing. Here is the list of 10 best free iOS and Android games of January 2020 So Lets start.
Games we are covering in these post
  1. World Robot Boxing 2
  2. Dream League Soccer 2020
  3. Extraordinary Ones
  4. Arknights
  5. AI Dungeon
  6. G.I. Joe: War On Cobra
  7. Magic: ManaStrike
  8. Vengeance
  9. Pico Tanks: Multiplayer Mayhem
  10. Warface: Global Operations
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World Robot Boxing 2
World robot boxing 2 which is exactly what it sounds like it is a fighting game it is very arcade and the controls are actually quite intuitive you do a lot of swiping for moves not as easy to explain but visually I think it’s super easy to understand what’s going on swiping is controlling what you’re looking at like the way that this works I’m not 100% sure why they call it robot boxing it’s definitely more than boxing it’s like just a fighting game but it also gives you various RPG elements some progression systems and looks cool like they definitely created a somewhat unique look for this and considering a lot of robot games don’t actually have a unique look that’s good fun game intuitive one controls cool unique look that’s more than enough to get me in the door and once I played it for a while very fun I think you will enjoy world robot boxing 2.

Dream League Soccer 2020
it’s dream league soccer 2020 we have in this game is an overhaul soccer game with a lot of FIFA pro license players I’m gonna go ahead and say I have not played previous site orationes but according to what I’ve been seen it is an overhaul an improvement on particularly things like AI the animation is now motion captured it was in previous I’d rationes not having the experience of the previous games I’m gonna go ahead and say I think there’s a pretty darn good soccer game or football game depending on what part of the world you’re from I wish we live in the United States and therefore we called the wrong thing apologies to everyone I’m not gonna go ahead and say like the most important thing in the world to me is soccer games but as far as I’m concerned this does actually hold up to what I expect out of a soccer game I enjoyed it I had a fun time I’m somebody who tends to just it was FIFA because I’m fairly satisfied with FIFA but this works I mean this is a very good game I have very little to complain about however I will also say I don’t have a whole lot to like say is particularly unique about the game either you build a team you play soccer the soccer is fun I don’t know what more you can really ask for out of it so if that sounds good for you dream league soccer 2020 definitely delivers on its promise.
Extraordinary Ones
extraordinary ones a 5 on 5 mobile which is extremely anime influence but you can even honestly take the anime on that out of it and this is a great mouba this isn’t a game that overhauls this genre in any way but it’s a very good take on it it comes off very action packed there are 34 heroes they add heroes weekly and they have various progression systems in the game pudding a social progression system because it’s anime and of course they’re going to put social stuff into it but it actually has a decent means of finding player is that you can quote make friends with unquote I’m not gonna necessarily say your gonna make like friends for life in this game you’re probably gonna make a roster of players that you’re good to play extraordinary ones with which isn’t a bad thing that’s a good thing actually I’m sure there will be life long friends from it but that’s not my business it’s a pretty game although if you don’t really love what anime looks like you probably won’t love the visuals it’s heavily anime influence but I like it they start new ones as hell of game honestly just play it give it a shot if you’re interested in the mobile.
Arknights again that successfully blends a lot of different types of things it is an RPG first and foremost it is Fallout Shelter some respect but not allot you build a base though and you will be reminded of Fallout Shelter and the battling is somewhere in between strategy and a tower defense game there is new wants but I think that it is something you will enjoy it’s oddly unique you don’t get a lot of that but the whole package comes together really well honestly a lot of these disparate elements could frankly suck and I know I’ve seen games try to do almost the same thing before but this works I love the graphics of it you get 3 D environments with Jadran characters and they look fantastic great animation I think you’ll definitely want to give are connected shot I enjoyed it.
AI Dungeon
AI dungeon this is again that I’m gonna just go ahead and say is really neat as lichen I experiment on its own and actually a pretty interesting damn that I enjoyed playing as a whole basically the premises you can do anything you want in this text-based dungeon crawl in-game and the artificial intelligence will adapt the story it’s trying to tell you to the actions that you input now this thing doesn’t always get things right sometimes is fairly incoherent yolyn put something because you literally type in what you want to do and it will not know what to do and give you something ridiculous that’s fine in my opinion it’s acceptable because this is such a different experience I think that that’s fine what they’re doing with this game is in my opinion just really neat it gives you a lot of freedom and in most cases gives you satisfying story to go along with that freedom which is not normal normally it’s actually pretty good I’ll say.
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G.I. Joe: War On Cobra
GI Joe war on cobra which is essentially a strategy game with an emphasis on collection I’m gonna go ahead and say it’s not a lot of unique stuff it’s a lot of other things that you’ve seen elsewhere and it does work you’ll get a lot of clash of clans vibes from this game to be intent is to get you collecting lots of cards build a base defend the base attack other bases its a good game with a great IP I’m not gonna go on about it I think you understand just from looking at it it is worth your time if you’re interested in a GI Joe version of these mechanics.
Magic: ManaStrike

Magic Man Strike game that again is not going to rock your socks off with the concept of it but I think that the execution of this is pretty darn good if you’re familiar with class for real this is that kind of a game it’s not your vertical orientation is horizontal and what sets us apart from clash Royale itself is a lot of the options that you’re able to bring in after you played a card you still retain some degree of control over what’s going on you get cards from defeating enemies and what I’m basically going to say to you is if you like this kind of game this is probably one of the better examples out there I enjoyed magic man. I’m not gonna claim to you that it is something new or innovative I am going to claim it is something good


Vengeance and you’re gonna just flip when you hear this single-player RPG that’s not the kind of game you see on mobile that often so believe me when I say it’s quite welcome it’s got a pretty good there it if that I think is more than serviceable especially given the total absence of this genre in the mobile game space like there’s very few single-player RPG’s on mobile there also adding content fairly often it will remind you of Diablo and more than one occasion I enjoyed I’ll probably keep playing it is especially given the fact that it easy in development they are adding content they are changing things and in my opinion it’s something that’s more than a little promise at vengeance is a great game check it out it’s currently just on Android I’m sure it’ll end up on iOS is well.
Pico Tanks: Multiplayer Mayhem
Pico Tanks: Multiplayer Mayhem mayhem is a game that bills itself is it 3 versus 3 tank Brahler in which you get to create your own tank it’s essentially a dualistic shooter that is slow pace because tanks are not fast and that is not to say the game is not 10 cities tent its cute C but it’s temp honestly this is just a really refreshing fun multiplayer game honestly I think this has staying power it’s something that is very different in the multiplayer space on mobile and he really works well I had a helluva lot of fun with that I’m going to continue playing it I do think there is definitely going to be stuff that happens later on in this game’s lifecycle that makes it significantly better because it’s got a very strong base and I think pico tanks is definitely worth your time and it.
Warface: Global Operations
Warface: Global Operations present some competition to Call of Duty mobile and yeah it’s actually pretty good I’ll say right off this game advertises itself is having PC quality graphics that’s kinda silly it doesn’t it looks decent but it’s really the action that matter is and that’s where the game shines it is absolutely a great first-person action shooter with a lot of customizable character aspects weapons aspect it’s a little more open-ended I think then Call of Duty mobile the controls are really tight and my one complaint is that it really aggressively monetize itself well not quite being the landmark release that Call of Duty mobile is and frankly how do T mobile does less with monetization anything they really could have done is beating it in that category and it probably have made up for the back but it’s not quite as good however if you’re just not a Call of Duty fan this is well above what you would expect for just some competition for Call of Duty mobile it’s actually really fun.
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