10 best new Android games from July 2019!

This Are the top 10 android games of July 2019 you can download from play store

Android games are obtaining larger and higher each month it appears and there’s invariably a slew of latest titles coming back to Google Play. Whether you’re an informal gamer otherwise you need one thing with a bit a lot of meat on its bones, there’s sometimes a game taking off to suit everyone’s style. Some months are higher than others, however, there’s sometimes a minimum of one nice new game on mobile monthly. Let’s take a glance at the most effective new android games from the last month! You can watch the videos on YouTube from previous months by clicking here! You can additionally look into our picks for the most effective new android games for 2018 within the video above!

let’s begin with the list of android games of this month

Breaking Bad: Criminal Element
Pre-Registration Rewards ar out there from the News window within the game!
Look for the menu button on the bottom left of your screen. Created together with the creators of the hit TV show, Breaking Bad: Criminal parts could be a story-driven base-builder that allows you to step into and form the globe that Heisenberg designed. The stakes ar high, morality is blurred, personalities are volatile — however notwithstanding the threat, profits must flow.

Durango: Wild Lands
Durango: Wild Lands is a new MMO with strategy elements, plenty of exploration, and other content. The game additionally includes a multiplayer with each cooperative and competitive play if you wish to travel either route. The game additionally options dinosaurs and other people like dinosaurs. There are some undesirable freemium parts, but by and large, people seem to enjoy this one. There are no thanks to playing this one offline.
Farm Punks
Farm Punks is latest game from Noodlecake Studios, publishers of Alto’s journey and Alto’s Odyssey. This game is nothing like those games. It’s a runner wherever you roll fruit down a hill and check out to earn the maximum amount cash as you’ll be able to for it. You earn cash the any you roll before the limit runs out. It’s a simple arcade game with simple mechanics. It’s also family friendly and easy to play.

Harry Potter: Wizard’s Unite
Harry Potter: Wizard’s Unite is the latest AR game from Niantic, designers of Ingress and Pokemon Go. This game takes place within the same game world because of the others.
That means it takes place within the world. Players move between stops to reveal Traces of magic and help alleviate the woes of the game world. Those who play Pokemon Go and Ingress quite already recognize what the fundamentals of this game want. However, it’s a wholly totally different journey with some distinctive mechanics.

Nonstop Knight 2
The game has runner, beat ’em up, and RPG parts very like its predecessors. You run through levels until you lose. You then level up, equip all the new gear you received, and go at it once more. Players usually get a little further each time. The game additionally includes weekly tournaments, a range of substances and skills to unlock, and more. It’s a good, quick arcade game.
Shop Titans
Shop Titans may be a builder simulation game a couple of character WHO runs a store.
You build your shop, craft various items, sell those items to heroes, and fill orders for the townsfolk. The game also features social elements, the ability to recruit your own heroes for various adventures, and you can trade with other players. This game has a subscription that adds a bunch of extras and you can pay a bunch of money for an engineer to make things go even faster. However, we don’t recommend those, we didn’t use them when we played the game, and it’s not necessary to have a good time.

Talion is a new game from GamEvil. It’s an MMORPG with a surprisingly decent amount of content. There is the usual quest line stuff along with cooperative content such as raid bosses. However, this game also includes a 20 versus 20 PvP mode and we thought that was kind of cool. The graphics, controls, and mechanics are pretty standard fair for the genre and the level of customization for your character is pretty good. The online PvP matchmaking could use some work and freemium MMORPGs are always a step below, but there are good things about this game too.

Toy Story Drop
Toy Story Drop is a new match-three game set in the Toy Story universe. It’s a promotional game for the new Toy Story movie. You play through the game and complete levels like normal. Each completion unlocks a brand new story scene from one in all the four movies.The game isn’t too different from your usual match-three fair, but it has been a while since a big game launched in this genre. It’s family friendly, it gets progressively harder, and it has Toy Story in it.
Warriors of Waterdeep
Warriors of Waterdeep is a new mobile Dungeons and Dragons RPG. It plays like most mobile RPGs, though. You can assemble a team of heroes to do battle against the villains. There is a campaign to play through, plenty of gear to collect, characters to upgrade, and more. It features the usual array of mechanics like daily rewards for logging in as well. It’s really not bad as far as mobile RPGs go. However, it does carry the Dungeons and Dragons name and doesn’t have a lot of Dungeons and Dragons character customization so, you know, it could’ve been better.


If we missed any great new Android games, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android appsand games lists!

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