If you have 7 year olds kid. And your looking for best android games for your 7 year old kid without any violence’s or addiction.

Best Android Games For 7 Year Olds

Kids games are a bit of a strange topic. Kids grow quicker these days than they did before, and even older kids are even more interested in common games like Fortnite. school kids who may still be involved in interactive games and games with child-friendly themes. Parents should only be able to hand their phone to their children to let them play. Here are some of the best kids games for Android.

Here is the list of android games for 7 year olds

Best Kids GamesView
Bubadu kids gamesView At Playstore
The Endless kids gamesView At Playstore
Human Heroes: Einstein’s ClockView At Playstore
IntellijoyView At Playstore
LEGO gamesView At Playstore
MinecraftView At Playstore
PBS Kids gamesView At Playstore
Pet BingoView At Playstore
PoioView At Playstore
Toca Boca gamesView At Playstore

Demand of kids games are increasing day by day because every family has a kid in their home. And to entertain them parent handover them their android phone. But If you gave them the games which are suitable for android games for 7 year olds.

10 Best Kids Games For Android

And if you are a parent and don’t know which game is best for your 7 year old kid. then here we are to make your job more easier. We are going to provide you a list of 10 best android games for 7 year olds.

Bubadu kids games

Bubadu is a developer studio that published a lot of children’s games. Not all of them are great, but a decent number of them are worth trying out. Games don’t necessarily have instructional significance, but they’re fun to play and have games about becoming a doctor, going to a shop, becoming a dentist, and items like baking cakes and building objects. Each game has its own set of mechanics, but they’re never hard to understand, and the concepts introduced should be fairly easy for most people. You can download any of the games free of charge. Complete models are typically relatively affordable as in-app purchases. Bubadu has two sites for the client.

The Endless kids games

Endless games are a series of children’s games. There are a variety of them in the collection, including Endless Alphabet, Endless Reader, Endless Numbers, Endless Wordplay, and Endless Spanish. The games are pretty straightforward to play. They also have educational importance to the player. The free versions of the games include a bit of content. You’re paying to get the rest of it. The games are shockingly pricey, but they have solid rock interactions.

Human Heroes: Einstein’s Clock

Human Heroes: Einstein’s Clock is a children’s play with instructional features. It features a voice over Stephen Fry’s performance as he masterfully plays Albert Einstein. The game has a lot of mini-games that help show children how the idea of time functions. They learn basics like telling time on an analogue clock, of course, but there are still some more complicated topics in there. The game’s implementation is excellent, even for older players, and we expect this developer will quickly add more games.


Intellijoy is a developer in the Google Play Store that specialises in children’s games. There are basic names like Connect the Dots and ABC Letters along with more recreational things like Kids Coloring and Preschool Puzzles. Most of their apps and games are well thought out by their parents and are great for younger kids.

LEGO games

LEGO games are perfect for children’s games. They have a range of titles, from comic book games, Star Wars games, and some of their own original games. Most of the games are adventure games with a range of mechanics, but almost every game is easy to understand and fun to play. There are a handful of them that communicate with current items. For example, you can purchase the figures and then use them in the LEGO Secret Side game. Really, we love LEGO’s going for virtual reality interactions like that. It’s one of the few developers to try that kind of fancy stuff in a kid’s product.


Minecraft is one of the most famous games ever played. It’s popular with adults, children, and everything in between. Players start off in a blank universe and mine things as well as craft stuff. You should set younger kids in imaginative mode where they don’t have to think about anything. Older children can find survival mode more rewarding. It doesn’t matter how you swing it, kids love this game. In reality, I have it loaded on my Xbox because when friends come over with kids, they’re basically all playing this game. It’s a little pricey at $6.99, but the additional in-app purchases are for customised skins and don’t affect the game at all.

PBS Kids games

PBS Kids is a production studio for youth. They have a range of children’s gadgets and children’s games that cover everything from kid-friendly TV to time wasting games that educate. Their selection is very large. Many of the games contain characters from the different series that PBS puts out. There is also an umbrella game called PBS Kids Play, which kind of incorporates a lot of these features into their own game. Almost all of their stuff is absolutely online. It’s healthy for the kids and your wallet. Their new game, The Cat in the Hat Builds, is pretty decent as well.

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Pet Bingo

Pet Bingo is a fantastic free kids game from Duck Duck Moose. It’s a combination of a pet simulator, a bingo, and a math game. Your kids get easy math puzzles and get rewarded with sweet little animals to take care of when they solve the puzzles. The math section covers simple algebra and the numbers can be shockingly high. Developers claim this game is better for 5-10 years of age, however, so bigger numbers might be for older children. Google Play’s summary of the game describes 50 percent off selling, but Google Play itself describes the game as free and we didn’t have to pay something for it during our research.


Poio is an educational game with a big price tag and a lot of content. It needs to teach kids how to learn, and it feels like the game is moving through the entire process. The game keeps adjusting to your child as the child knows. It’s still a challenge, hence. By the end of the day, the kid should be able to read the storey book to you, rather than the other way around. It doesn’t have a lot of Google Play ratings due to its $18.99 price tag. However, those who took the gamble appear to be loving the game quite a bit.

Toca Boca games

Toca Boca has some of the most famous smartphone games for kids. Their major thing is to place you in a situation where your children will do something. They have games that are geared towards cooking, taking holidays, going to classes, going to the big city, and even having hair. Most of the games have free and premium versions so you can pick which ones you like. They might be a lot of fun. There are still a range of choices to pick from.

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