In recent years with tons of great new games released every month. The only issue is that the play store and the app store are still a mess. So finding the best games can be an absolute nightmare and to help we put together. This list of the 10 best new android offline games in 2021.

Best Android Games Offline

Here is a list of 10 best offline android games

No.Best Android Games OfflineView At Playstore
3Stunt Car ExtremeView
4Suicide GuyView
5Zombie Defense 2View
6Project CARS GOView
7FPS CyberPunkView
9SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini BottomView
10YeagerComing Soon

Lets look at the 10 New offline games for android one by one:


Hidden lands is a beautiful calm and relaxing puzzle game. The gameplay has features of both searching for objects and finding differences between two locations. Which are created in 3d and can be viewed from different angles this makes it easy to analyze them by finding inaccuracies and interesting objects. There’s also a plot component gamers will go on a journey through time and space in order to find answers to three of the vanished civilizations.


Cyber hero is a role-playing game where you’ll fight the forces of sinister corporations. In this game you act as a member of the resistance squad and go out into the dark streets of the city. Destroying enemies and collecting valuable resources a huge corporation has taken over the city and takes resources. The residents of the city have no choice but to survive and escape from enemies completing numerous tasks and missions. Fight enemies in turn-based battles compete with players from all over the world and develop your character. I will recommend you to try this offline game for android.

Stunt Car Extreme

This is an extreme race with dizzying stunts traps and unusual challenges. Get in the car and start performing stunts dodging everything that can crash into the car and stop it. To control the car use two fingers, one to press the brake and gas depending on the situation. The second changes the position of the car when it’s in the air to do rotations and land exactly on all four wheels. Dozens of different tracks will test your extreme driving skills where the boards break under your wheels. You need to have time to pass the next bridge before the locomotive runs over it at full speed.

Suicide Guy

Suicide guy is a game in the style of strategy where you’ll have the opportunity to constantly search for any way to commit suicide. The game is really filled with some madness and satire but it’s able to significantly amuse any player. You’ll see a huge colorful world in which you’ll overcome round after round constantly killing yourself in any possible way. In the course of the action you can find a lot of game references to other projects. All actions will take place with a first-person view so you can get deeper in the whole essence of what’s happening.

Zombie Defense 2

This is a great shooter on the popular theme of zombie apocalypse. The action unfolds in North korea in the near future in 2017. The North korean government was organized by a group of scientists who needed to develop a new type of biological weapon by the code name black widow. As a result of leakage of the virus there was a mass infection of the first country and then around the world. Six years later it was decided to send an operative into the epicenter of the outbreak of the virus for the production of the vaccine. i personally play this game and i subject you definitely try this offline game on your android.

Project CARS GO

Project cars go is a racing game where you hop behind the wheel of well-known cars from the most popular manufacturers in the world. Take turns with ease and gun the engine when you can feel the adrenaline pump through your body as you step on the accelerator and race to the finish line. You can customize your vehicles in the workshop to unlock new toys to play with. First you’ll need to race and earn rewards. From the very first race you’ll be amazed by the jaw dropping graphics the sounds are immersive too.

FPS CyberPunk

FPS cyberpunk is a first person shooter in a cyberpunk setting with multiplayer. Here you’ll expect intense contractions in atmospheric locations with the use of futuristic weapons. There are modes like classic deathmatch and capture the flag. In addition to these features gamers will appreciate the cool neon graphics in the typical cyberpunk style and comfortable smooth touch-based controls. Suitable for dynamic firefights well-designed locations will give you a lot of tactics and ways to snatch victory from a group of opponents.


Astrocraft is an action game that challenges you to create and customize robots in order to defeat your enemies. You get to modify your robots with over 200 modules you’ll actually have to try hard to make. You can modify your robot using the greatest editing tool that’s included in the game. But you can also merge your robot with other more highly advanced robots that are fighting by your side. The customizing limit exists only in your imagination. Because you can adapt your robot at any moment using the different pieces in your inventory.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom

Spongebob squarepants in this game you’ll play as a character from the cartoon spongebob who runs through a colorful surreal world. The graphics in the game are better than in the cartoon in your journey. You will have to go through a variety of locations and obstacles. The world is made open and despite the rather linear plot there is relative freedom in passing. The game itself resembles a chain of quests the player is waiting for various unpleasant.


Yeager is a 3d action role-playing monster hunting game set in an alien world. Immerse yourself in the visually breathtaking world created by our next gen graphics engine. As you take on the role of jager an elite vigrian hunter who takes bounties to hunt dangerous beasts. Yeager features an intuitive action-oriented combat system allowing you to engage fearsome creatures.

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Final Word About Best Android Games Offline

So that’s it guys if you found this best android games offline article interesting then please leave a comment which game you like in this list.

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