Looking For Best PPSSPP Games For 2GB Ram Phones?  Then you’re at the right place, let’s check out PPSSPP games to play on a 2gb ram device.

TOP 10 PPSSPP Games For 2GB Ram Phones

Nowadays most of the people prefer android devices to play PSP games on their android phones. Since PSP games are better than most of the android games in the market. Because of its low-end requirement, you can play these games on any device with low-end Android phones to high-end. Even if your phone ram is 2gb, 1gb, or even 512mb you can play these games without any lag or any heating issue. So here in this post, I’m going to cover the best PSP games for 2gb ram devices.

So let’s check out the best ppsspp games for low-end android phones

1. Assassin’s Creed – Bloodlines

Assassin's Creed Bloodlines

Assassin’s Creed-Bloodlines are the best games for ppsspp. I played this game so many times and it was fun. This game comes with a great storyline. You guys will definitely love it. You have to work for a man named Armand Bouchart. Your quest is to travel and find the templar leader and stop their evil plans. This game comes with an open world environment also you have some special skills and abilities to kill your enemies with style. Talking about the gameplay and graphics this game will give you buttery smooth experience while playing even in 2gb or 1gb ram devices.
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2. WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2011

WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2011

WWE Smackdown Vs RAW 2011 is worth playing. This game is popular. I definitely recommend playing these games on your android phone if you are a WWE fan. I don’t have too much to say about this game but talking about the gameplay and graphics this game has decent graphics. I recommend you to note too much from this game but if you love WWE games then I definitely recommend this game.
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3. Grand Theft Auto – Vice City Stories

Grand Theft Auto – Vice City Stories

Grand Theft Auto is a very popular open word game. After its huge sale, they launched this game for PSP and android and ios as well. This game is one of the best and longest storyline games for PSP with the best graphics and controls. As I said this is an open word game you have access to drive cars, boats, Bikes, Fly drone, and helicopters. And this game has a lot more to do because of its open world environment. This game doesn’t lag even if you have a low-end device. So if you still love to play GTA then definitely try this.
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4. Manhunt 2

Manhunt 2

Manhunt 2 is another very popular game that comes from rockstar games. This game is a horror game based on psychology and stealth. We have to play a character named Daniel Lamb who is suffering from a mental disease called amnesia. You have to be aware of abnormal activities going around if you’re not careful the battle will get quite tough. If you want to get a real horror feel I recommend you to have good earphones to get the perfect feel and gameplay.
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5. Tomb Raider Legend

Tomb Raider Legend

Tomb Raider is the best action and adventure-packed ppsspp game you can play on your android phone without lag or any heating issue. This game is quite old but still, many players love to play this game. You have to play a character named Lara Croft. Your game character travels around the world to collect rare and antique artifacts. Game graphics are not that bad your thinking so if you guys love action, adventure, and mystery type games then this game is specially made for you so definitely check it out.
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6. God Of War – Ghost Of Sparta

God Of War Ghost Of Sparta

God Of War Ghost of spectra is a very popular game across all platforms. I played this game so much and I still love to play this game if I get the chance. Talking about the graphics this game has too good graphics compared to that when this game is launched. This game has too many mysteries and skills and action scenes I strongly recommend to play this game. This is little bit heavy but if you have any lag issues you’ll find the solution to play this game smoothly.
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7. GodFather – Mob Wars

GodFather Mob Wars

Godfather is another amazing and popular game for ppsspp. This game is filled with amazing shooting sequences and graphics. This game is based on mafia word with GTA style gameplay but doesn’t have access to drive cars. And the special thing about this game is you don’t need to do any extra setting to play this smoothly. This game is already well optimized and the main fact is the voice used in this game is by the original cast.
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8. Dead To Right – Reckoning

Dead To Right Reckoning

Dead to the right is the first ppsspp game I played on my android phone. The story of this game is like you are investigating a case and the main informant is kidnapped. You have a mission to bring him back. This game has a feature to play with your friend you can play with them and it has new weapons to fight against the enemies And the most important this game is a third-person shooter game where you can see your whole character’s body. If you love shooting games then try this one.
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9. Gun Showdown

Gun Showdown

Gun Showdown is another best ppsspp game you can play on your device. This game offers amazing graphics quality with amazing sound effects. This game can be played in the third person and the first person as well you switch TPP To FPP When you need it. This game scene is based on wild west type culture where you see your character in a cowboy avatar. If you love to play wild west character games like me then this game is a must you need to try.
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10. The Warriors

The Warriors

The Warriors is a game developed by Rockstar games. This game features New York where street gangs are battling with their rival gangs. This game is addictive and best to play on ppsspp on your phones. This game has too many action sequences and has the best sound quality you need to wear earphones to feel the game.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to Play PPSSPP Games On Android?

Answer: To play the ppsspp game you will need a PSP emulator you can download this from Here. Download the emulator then install the emulator and browse the game file from downloaded files on your phone or from your SD card and wait for a few seconds before you’ll automatically see the game in your library. Open the game and enjoy it.

Q. Best Website To Download PPSSPP Games?

Answer: Above mentioned all the games download links I added in the below every game. But still, you want more games and want the best and safest site to download PSP games. Tons of sites offer ppsspp games but I mentioned here are some of my favorite and I personally used NDS ROMs, PS2 ISOs To download the games.

Final word
All the games I mentioned above are free to play. There are too many games like PES, Prince of Persia, cricket, Fifa you can play. So I hope you guys like this post if you then don’t forget to share this on WhatsApp to your friends. And for more best games checkout here and tell us in the comment section which game you like most.

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