Hello everyone, this is a drash from the android jam. We are back with the top best games today. I will show you the 10 best new games that should be released on your device and guys, we receive a lot of messages recently where you want to continue this series. From this month onwards you will have the top games every month showcase the best game to play on mobile.


Lets Checkout the top 10 games of this month

1. My Zombie Wife
My Zombie wife is the greatest game ever. In this game, two characters got married recently one-day virus infected the world. To save a life the main character tries various materials in messages creative reservation ticket back to the normal state. Now in terms of gameplay have a pixel graphics style in this game which looks predicate and about the gameplay, it’s very interactive. In the game, I have to break everything on the street to collect material for depreciation control cars easy and this game overall offers a good story lion and gameplay.

2. Escape machine city
Escape Machine City’s hidden escape came in your main goal is to solve puzzles. In the Escape of this machine airport city, there are 16 levels in total out of 82 Level available for free. Graphics are really good and I find the details in the game. Talking about a game played in every room will have to find version PC is called 10 puzzles and go to the next level initially you find the positive. it easy to get is there any progress in the game is good with well-constructed puzzles like playing escape games can escape machine city is a good game.

3. Racecraft
RaceCraft is a builder base so as a name suggests Race Craft allows you to prepare own racing track and send it to in the gamer candle your phone please stand race tracks and then-recent them is game. Allows you to test positive grafting and writing skills first part of this game is grafting will be building tons of race track any can add various things like exams Christy loops and so on. so that it can make your course Ashton painting track and trace another one player to promote any can also Challenger friends you have to type the green button as fast as you can to fill up the ghost. overall racecraft is a nice day to play Belden racing game the game clay is unique in this game has lots to offer should definitely check out this game.

4. Om Nom Run
Om Nom Run in this game we have various versions to complete specific distance perform a stunt and so on this is good about that controls find the perimeter swipe left to right for movement jump and down for slide. In this game, your main goal is to avoid sparkle and powers to clear the way and unlock new characters series. So as you progress in the game will Discover new location history rooftops underground tunnel and a lot of other interesting levels overall Om nom is a good time pass gameplay anytime anywhere.

5. Project RIB Mobile
Project RIB mobile game with words of Wonder and Demons ruling the earth. Air Force to live in underground Shelters to survive in the game which is part of a project RIB. Fight with reason and also help in developing technology specialized forces and FPS game the graphics are realistic and look damn good there are 20 + papers to choose from. Any will also be able to update them this game of a specialized to use in Kombat. The android game has 2 Mod 1 is the mission based on the unlimited Coldplay always good graphics gameplay amazing sound music project mobile is an amazing game.

6. Urban Legend Survival
Urban Legend survival is one more survival game Oregon say for survival game about this game. it is about the medieval era in Kathmandu Airport to encounter with reasonable legends in the matrix you must bi Raman undetected incomplete. certain objective to wake up and continue your cousin’s normal life about the gameplay. any to talk the only acid located in ki location to discover a portal and that will take you back to your reality. you call to have a timer in the game on the top right and also the noise level to keep it low to move undetected. I really like this game is it found it has a lot of courses in the game and the sound effect. today good comment using headphones while playing this came into survival games then definitely try out this came and I hope you like it too.

7. Cyber Dead

Cyber dead is a scrolling platform game in this game in the world that is under the attack of zombies. in your path of an organization super soldiers’ main aim to rescue manatee. name is simple at the but as you progress you will face. well, Aam Zombies are good is very well this game is basically a combination of MS platform game spectacular action scenes. Erin there I am playing this game from the last few days and Sabha reminds me of Contra which is my favorite game is fun to play.
8.Total Reliable Delivery
Total reliable delivery service as a name suggests is game kids about delivery services CEO in the gamer get ready and find out the delivery packages to more the value in this game single and multiplayer. both unfortunately multiplied is available only in the paid version but a single career mode is also pretty. Ok so in the game you’ll see a lot of many missions to deliver packet is to a particular place. you can control the movement aspirate control by hand movement of their character and with his, I can pick up packages control the truck and so on your main goal in the game is to deliver the packages in less time.
9.  Game Of Thrones Beyond The Wall
Game of thrones beyond the wall is the latest game for all the game of thrones and schema commander night. watch and play with characters like Jon Snow and Daenerys trigon am basically before the GOT TV show. in the game you are, the Night Watch commanded any two required for the watch from seven kingdoms and build your ultimate Roaster and Defend the wall. again please turn-based any alternate to assemble a favorite character on the battlefield. overall Game of Thrones Beyond The Wall of Heroes and characters in the storyline of this game is very interesting.
10. I Love Hue Too
I love hue too is a puzzle game of the main cause of I love hue too game where you need to solve puzzles which are there is on Colours light and tape. the game to put the right place and also move tiles is the perfect place to complete the beautiful mosaic pattern in the game. in Itarsi smallest difference between similar colors to go to the next level graphics is mistaken. this game but the very soothing sure main goal is to arrange the color tiles. create the perfect order and with over 900 levels game has got to offer and right now it’s my favorite puzzle game on mobile to try out.
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Final Word
So this is 10 best new games have found for you for Android devices this month. If you like them to tell us your favorite game of the month in the comment section below. So that all for now, if you like this post share with your friends subscribe to our blog get for more posts like this. Thanks For Visit.

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