I hope you will enjoy your holiday festivities but now we have to get right back to talking about the best new Android games of January 2020. Hey, everyone, I’m Drash and welcome to Our Blog so today we’re going to be coming down our Top picks for the Top 10 new best android games offline of January 2020.

to ashes

starting up at #10 we have To Ashes explore a spooky mansion in this adventure quest game this unique quest will surprise you with its stunning atmosphere the unusual main character as well as many unforgettable adventures you have to play a girl who was created by fire she wants to leave this creepy mansion of her parents forever but it won’t be so easy because on her way she meets a lot of traps obstacles and dangers that are very difficult to help her achieve her goal help them brave fiery main character to cope with all the trials and most importantly do not turn into Ashes.

pico tanks
 #9 we have pico tanks is a multiplayer action strategy game in which 2 teams of 3 tanks based off an exciting 2-minute battles depending on the game you might have to capture the flag transport cargo to your base or simply kill as many enemies as possible in between battles you can unlock mew tanks more personalized tanks you already have although you’ll start the game with just one blue tank you can unlock all kinds of additional tanks parts and colors as you win battles and level up overall this is an excellent multiplayer action game that offers exciting 2-minute games fantastic graphics and all kinds of game modes.

best android games

taxi sim 2020
#8 we have taxi SIM 2020 now this is the continuation of a series of car simulations in which you have the opportunity to test yourself in the role of a taxi driver and so for starters, you need to decide whether you’ll play the role of a private cabbie man or make a contract with a taxi company and then you can start choosing a car a game garage provides a choice of more than 30 cars after that you can take to the streets of the city you can choose from cities like New York Miami Rome or Los Angeles each of the cities is an open game world in which you’ll perform various tasks and missions great graphics will complement the pleasant in Russian of the game. 

war tortoise 2
#7 we have war tortoise 2 this is forsaken medias continuation or just the next stage of this cool and original action production prettier graphics and new gameplay features will please all who are happy to take control of them monstrous armored reptile and go into battle against dangerous opponents of the appropriate size elements of protection of towers research of huge location of firefight with enemies pumping of skills collection of values improvement of armor and firepower of a mobile platform and also much and many more other things wait for Lords of fighting Giants in the surprising and very fascinating world.

#6 you have dirt bike Unchained from Red Bull is the sequel to the number one mountain bike game on mobile race against real riders in PVP downhill action or line up your best tricks and slopestyle competition will you be on top of the podium when the dust settles gear up for the world’s biggest mountain bike competition and this game proves you’re the fastest on the mountain in the ranked League racing and take home the title of the world’s Top rider send it in slopestyle runs that test your style and skill customized every part of your Riedinger look with an insane amount of parts.

best android games of all time

#5 we have figment is an action-adventure game with an emphasis on the adventure part and specifically, it has a strong vibe of classic point and click adventure games but taking place in a cool world you can run around and explore with some real-time hackenslash bowling thrown in I think what gives me such a heavy adventure game vibe about figment is how it focuses on exploring the environments and light puzzle-solving to open up a path forward it makes me want to continue forward beyond just enjoying battling enemies and solving puzzles I want to find out what actually happens. 

#4 we have strike Royale now this is a strategic online duel game where you can battle other players from all over the world and exciting real-time battles this in brawl stars style action game has 3 on three battles that last for 3 minutes the game has very simple controls easily move your character with your thumb on the left side of the screen while using your right thumb to a man fire your weapon Alternatively you can switch to the game site into firing mode and simply tap anywhere on the screen to fire as usual in the John the from the get-go you’ll get to control several types of characters and each of them has their own ability.

best android games of all time

#3 we have another day is a 3D action survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world it offers a gameplay experience similar to the popular last day on earth but with the typical third-person shooting system X4 different regions filled with zombies and stumble upon other survivors depending on the area you enter you can fight against other players in PVP mode or not regardless make sure you watch out for the undead there always lurking around the corner another key aspect of another day is that you get to build your own shelter give free rein to your imagination by manually designing your shelter using all kinds of structures and artifacts
#2 We Have xenowork tactics this is a real-time strategy game with a hint of action and this game you lead an expedition heading to a location and the object where there was a terrible accident depending on your approach your goal is either to cover up what happened or save the world you can manage every aspect of this mission from your home base investing in resources improving your barracks or hospital and recruiting new soldiers and scientists are all equally important plus you have to take care of your own troops the longer they are exposed to the arctics anomalies the more likely they are to suffer from mutations or a choir unpleasant traits.

#1 we have project war mobile project wars a game that combines gameplay from very different genres into one experience MMO RPG and 3rd person shooter not only that but it’s set in a post-apocalyptic world plagued by zombies and enemy factions on the verge of collapse an interesting feature of the game is it’s safe zone where you can interact with other players customize your character and accept missions in the safe zone you can not attack or shoot other players That being said you can travel to other Maps where you can fight and exciting battles against zombies or other players.

Final Words
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