So without much further ado, let’s check out the best 120FPS Android games high refresh rate support on Android.

120hz games
Hello, everyone, this is drash from Android jam. These days smartphones are coming with the high refresh rate screen. High refresh rate smartphones are getting very common. And we have a lot of smartphone these days that comes with the 90Hz or more refresh rate. using these smartphones for daily usage is amazing pictures of the buttery smooth experience. And today’s video is about some of the best games which according to us are the best games to play on a high refresh rate screen smartphones.

List of Games We are talking about With high refresh rate

  1. The Catapult : Clash With Pirates
  2. Alto Odyssey 
  3. Gear.Club
  4. Mortal Kombat
  5. Vainglory
  6. Armajet
  7. Shadow Fight 3
  8. Sonic Boom
  9. Brawl Stars
  10. Oddmar

Best High Refresh Rate Games For Android

The Catapult: Clash With Pirates
120Hz game
The catapults clash with Pirates catapult clash with a pirate is an amazing game with supports up to 120 Hz refresh rate. In this game, you help the stickman to protect your castle. Pirates able to attack from this sea, air and even from under the water. the pirate will come in large numbers with guns and missiles and only need to do is a bit right and choose attention force correctly and then released to launch into enemies and smash them. initially will find it a bit difficult but after a couple of rounds or days in the game you will get the hand on it.
Alto Odyssey 

Alto Odyssey we have many times has rolled out its one of the best mobile games. We have come across in the last year’s Alto Odyssey also support refresh rate upto 120Hz. Alto and his friends and set up an endless and boarding journey to discover it. In the game you go through dunes Canyon and hidden temples. the controls are really simple: just tap on the screen to jump to avoid cycles. It is  really easy to learn but difficult to master one thing I really like about a boss is that this game has better graphics, good graphics and gameplay. Alto Odyssey is a wonderful game start play on your phone and because of the high refresh and compatibility feels very smooth.

Gear club is a racing game of driving and racing experience. This game supports a refresh rate of 120Hz. Talking more about this game. This is a wonderful racing game which offers amazing graphics. We can play this game with your friends and compete with them in different races, championships and events. In the game you don’t have to collect new parts and can upgrade your right. Its controls are very realistic and you have the police needed in our trains in suspension to give you a real feel. The amazing graphics and controls is my favourite racing game these days in the best support which makes this game even better.
Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat bring the famous PC game to mobile with the same stunning graphics.It also supports High refresh rate upto 120Hz. In the game you assemble and team of Mortal Kombat Warriors and prove yourself in the greatest fighting tournament on earth. Award includes mk11 red Scorpion 80 and a lot more and less that goes from the same game of a 3 versus 3 combat. Talking about the graphics really well so do the controls. I really like this fighting game and with over 130 Mortal Kombat characters to collect this came has a lot to offer looking for some amazing action not to have bone then we temporary recruitment used to download this game.

Vainglory is an award-winning free to play mobile game we can play. You can play this game with your friends on any platform. as this game offers cross platform multiplayer game in terms of refresh rate vainglory support refresh rate upto 120Hz. You have a different comparative round as the 5 minut brawls to the full 5 versus 5 battle Arena experience. Vainglory offers beautiful performance and also the best controls I have seen. The heroes and it has its own unique combos and play style different. To mobile and looking for a 120 FPS gaming on a phone then Vin Glory is the best game to download.

Armour Arena is Shooter but I am just a minute in. I really care for talking about the different state of game support up to 120Hz. About the game we can prepare friends’ auto solo in this section so when you start the game. you’ll see different options and pestle both the type of round it rain is formed at match free for all and also battle call.  my favourite controls are very easy and the graphics are also pretty good. I really like the sound effects in the background music in this game. Overall looking for shooting game. You should download and also because of the short duration of rounds you can play this game anytime anywhere.
Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 is  a fighting game which supports 120Hz refresh rate. Talking more about the game clans fighting over the schedule energy and you set out on adventure. In this whole thing Clans are military tribes dynasty people in the mysterious. Harold not talking about the temple incorporates this game is wonderful and that controls are simple. And during the game will go to collect different weapons in our you will also be able to unlock special abilities and collecting unique sets. is easier than others as a progress or the 120 FPS amazing graphics and gameplay makes the wonderful fighting game. And controls are also good and you have more than just actionon screen.
Sonic Boom

Sonic Dash 2 who will be running this game has a refresh rate of 120Hz. This game supports is the game racing 2 with three characters; anything played as Sonic is any knuckles and Sonic new print sticks. This game is really easy to play and very addictive. Just have to sleep on the screen to jump onto roll. You also get a Sonic Dash early new Special Powers that graphics of this game is predicate and so does the sound effect.
Brawl Stars

Brawl stars this game is known as if they have come across last year from the makers of clash of clans clash Royale and boom beach now it support 120Hz refresh rate. You can play  with your friends brawl star is a multiplayer game and you have different modes with them. Unlock an updated version of roles and responsibilities now coming to the topic and gameplay their wonderful and even though it supports smooth gameplay to play.

Oddmaar is a platform game with amazing graphics in the storyline. Talking about the refresh rate it supports 120Hz. About the game the main character who lives in his village wanted to prove his potential and started as early as possible. Admitted Viking story and each level of this game plus beautiful. In the free version of chapter for free but if you like it then I can purchase that came over with amazing graphics and controls like this platform came and 22838 compatible devices.
Final Words
So those are the 10 best games you can play on a high refresh rate compatible phone. If You like any of these games? all to do tell their favourite game in which mobile do you use in the comment section below. so that all for now if you like this post then please subscribe to our blog for more posts like this.

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