PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG for shorter is one in all the most popular game for mobile Now and most Playable Battle Royale game for mobile gamers. With its huge Number Of Players, developers have a lot of work to try and do to stay game running without any lag on mobile devices…

pubg mobile error
pubg mobile error

Recently Most of The users have this issue while opening the game PUBG Mobile on MEmu, that shows like this.

It says: “Your device isn’t supported, however, it’ll be enclosed during a later time.

Thanks for understanding”.
The reason is as a result of PUBG Mobile can notice your emulator specification and device model, simply set up it well, then you’ll run Game with success.
Here is the solution.


If you don’t see any message like that telling you that you’re the device isn’t supported, then this might mean that your device is formally supported however not compatible for

some reason…

It might be a short-lived performance downside, the current game bug together with your code version, one-time downside or the rest.

If there’s no menu in PUBG Mobile otherwise you are becoming low memory errors, that’s presumably performance issue and what you would like is simply some additional resources:
close alternative apps, eliminate background processes, lower graphics settings, revive phone…
If an error message is precisely like one on top of, or a minimum of has similar that means, then, sadly, your device actually isn’t supported and you would like to proceed to next step…

If you’re not mistreatment any emulation software system and you’re running PUBG on your mobile or tablet device, the simplest and best the choice would be to raise Tencent team
to support your device – it should sound like delay however it extremely works!
Their ar thousands of different mobile devices, each with different hardware & software configurations, for sure, they can’t optimize PUBG for every mobile.
So they prioritize some over others.
Good feedback from users is very important for ANy company and Tencent isn’t an exception!
If you’ll raise Tencent to support your device, they will prioritize your mobile among thousands of others and you will soon see you’re a device in the supported list.


First of all, you need to launch the game on your device and wait for it to load the basic screen.
Then click facilitate button out there at the proper high corner.
Under “How can we help?
“, courteously justify your issue and raise them to support your device.
You can use the following text:
Hi Tencent, I’m a possible PUBG Mobile player however I’m unable to play it as my device isn’t supported.
My device model is Samsung Galaxy S9, please support it so we can play.
* Replace Samsung Galaxy S9 along with your actual model!
Fill all different needed details fastidiously, then all is left is clicking send button.
After reviewing your request, can|you’ll|you may} get a reply from Tencent with directions regarding what you’ll be able to do to play PUBG Mobile or after they will support your device.
If you would like to repair PUBG Mobile not performing on Bluestacks move to next step…
Bluestacks is that the preferred emulator app for Windows that helps you to to run android games on a computer.
It plays Android’s apk files and cache thus you’ll play any game on computer love it was really mobile – in alternative words, Bluestacks may be a virtual android smartphone.

Just like any smartphone, Bluestacks also has some limitations but the good thing is, those limitations are virtual and can easily be changed!
All you wish to try to do is to navigate in Bluestacks settings, Engine and alter limits shown in an image on top of.
Please note that you just can want a minimum of 2GB Ram, Advanced graphics mode Cores set in Bluestacks to run PUBG, however, 4Gb Ram and 4 Cores ar suggested.

Final Words:
This the final solution of pubg mobile device not supported error by reading this post you are able to solve the error of pubg mobile.

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