multiplayer games for android via wifi hotspot offline

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10. Special Forces Group 2

Special Forces Group 2 download
It is an action game. And comedy also. There lots of modes and maps. I liked the color and guns of the skin. Bots are also I liked. It is not a bad game so. And the settings are perfect. Graphics are also good. The controls are also good. And the multiplayer is also I liked. And in controls, some are working. Sorry for telling this. Thank you!! Download
9. Glow Hockey 2
Glow Hockey 2 download
I love it it’s challenging it’s everything I wanted I always beat my brother in it so thanks for making such an awesome game I recommend this game for to have fun with it it’s awesome and very fun. Download

8. Battle Slimes
Battle Slimes download
This platformer/shooter game features simple one-button jump controls. Play against the pc or up to four friends in matches.Choose from 2 totally {different|completely different} game modes and 4 different battle arenas.Pick power-ups to show the tide of the battle! Who will be the last slime standing? Download
7. Crossy roads
Crossy roads download
This game is one of my favorites to play in downtime! I love Pecking Order and competing to beat other players. How others get 852, I have no idea. I do however think the reaction time of the game can be a little slow, for instance, I keep getting hit by the same car in Pecking Order, even though I Download
6. Block Fortress
Block Fortress download
gameplay is very good but the control isn’t good enough. when I use 3 fingers when controlling it to shot, move, and aim, the movement button is stuck to move forward and can’t move any other direction. I hope it can be fixed soon. Download

5. Bug Heros 2
Bug Heros 2 download
Awesome game!!!!! Really cool characters Grindy to unlock after 5stars, but u can unlock a good amount with 5 bucks. I have a legendary and 4 heroes.. so I’m good for now. The only sucky thing is multiplayer is nonexistent due to lack of players.. man that sucks cause this is a good game and FUNNY as 2 bucks its a steal!!! Download
4. Minecraft
Minecraft download
The beauty of Minecraft is that, at the end of the day, it isn’t just a game but so much more than that. It’s a game, a learning tool, a social media platform, and so much more. Some people have made a living by playing Minecraft (countless content creators on YouTube, whose ranks I hope to join someday). Minecraft has endless possibilities as far as what one can do, with hundreds of blocks already in-game and add-ons and mods that add even more blocks to use for numerous things. 👍 Download
3. Badlands
Badlands download
I have played many games on mobile, this is by far the best. It is well done and has beautiful graphics and smooth gameplay. The ads are heavy. I understand that they are a moneymaker for the developers. Most negative reviews are due to ads. They should be 10 seconds at most. Download
2. Neon Shadow
Neon Shadow download
The game’s good. Yes Lan multi-player mode was a great idea but the only downside is the one who creates the hot-spot can’t join to a game or the others can’t join to the host (the one with hot-spot). Download
1. Bomb squad
Bomb squad download
This game is awesome! the controls are a little tricky and can kill you sometimes, BUT THAT’S BECAUSE of I’M BAD AT IT. I’m not saying they suck, it’s just hard. The gameplay is really fun! It’s a cool game with loads of options to kill your enemies and there are some cool modes to choose from… This is an awesome game worth checking out, and if you haven’t installed it yet… then you should try it out sometime… 😉 Download

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