new android games

Mobile games seem to hit new heights every year. We see more and more new premium android games releases That challenge of what phones can do. Even free-to-play games are getting better and better. To be honest mobile has some reasonably impressive titles to play on android.

new android games

10 Best New Android Games Free

Without further delay here are the new best android games available in year 2021.

1. Simplest RPG Game

As the name implies this is a simple rpg game where you fight monsters, get gold and upgrade items. Here you need to participate in numerous battles with various monsters getting experience gold coins and things. Try to test your battle skills by improving your abilities and reaching new heights. Compete for the title of best player and take part in battles against strong enemies including bosses or random players. Complete available tasks collect different weapons and armor or go to the arenas to collect gold and buy epic things for it.

2. Football Master 2

Football master 2 is a soccer manager where you take control of your own club. In the beginning this game offers a surprising amount of elite players complete with their real faces and names. On the first level, you can play with stars such as Neymar and Luis Suarez, then gather more as you progress and sign new players. As with previous games in the series, football master is licensed by tv pro commercial enterprises. Which means the production value is high this time.

3. SplatGo

Splat go is a color shooting game that can be played in a real time battle against three other players. You will compete with each other by splashing on the ground and the area splashed determines the winning team. There are different game modes to play in. The game also holds events in tournaments sometimes where you can participate.

4. Cat Killer

Cat killer is a bright and dynamic action game in which you will help the rabbit to save his house from the invasion of cats. Once awakened an evil deity sends minions to the world of the main character they sow chaos and destruction all around. You can only stop them with weapons to fight against hordes of dangerous enemies. Use deadly combinations of attacks and show masterful swordsmanship to attack and destroy the enemy. Use modern technology such as biotechs get new weapons and equipment become the world’s most famous cat slayer.

5. Splash Dance

This is a 3d action game that lets you fight in exciting 3 vs 3 battles that last a maximum of 3 minutes. Take on the role of a coach of a water gun team and develop a training plan for your players to strengthen their fighting ability. The game controls have been perfectly adapted to touch screens on the left hand side of the screen you have the virtual joystick to move and on the right you have the action and jump buttons.

6. The Fifth ARK

The fifth arc is a fun action game with role-playing elements in which you play as one of the survivors of a zombie apocalypse. Your objective is to complete various missions in which you would usually kill hundreds of undead. One of the best things about the game is the huge number of heroes available to recruit. When you start a new game you have to choose a character from three possible options. However, as you complete missions, you will be able to unlock a plethora of new characters to use in future challenges. The missions also provide tons of variety; you’ll find escort missions where you get to drive a vehicle.

7. Suspects: Mystery Mansion

Suspects is an exciting multiplayer action game with puzzle elements created based on the cult game. One of your friends was killed but the criminal is still among you and all the players have yet to find out who he is. In one game up to nine players participate where randomly one of them takes the role of the killer. He will have to kill all the other players as quietly as possible and try not to be caught red-handed.

8. Flash Party

Flash party is an action game where you fight in a host of 1v1 battles with a combat system similar to the classic smash bros. In this case you will find a host of characters with different abilities to put to the test. After selecting the character you’re going to use to get in on the action. You move on to the battle arena here you are faced with an enemy you will try to beat. To move your hero you have to use the joystick that appears on the left hand side of the screen on the right hand side you find various action buttons that let you carry out the available attacks.

9. Ace Racer

Ace racer is an amazing 3d driving game where you speed around in fast cars on routes set all around the world. The gameplay is eye candy and perfectly adapted to smartphones. In ace racing not only are there different tournaments and game modes but there’s also a multiplayer mode for proving who’s the best driver in the world. No matter what you choose the single player story mode has loads of tracks set all around the world. In terms of graphics, ace racer is absolutely spectacular just like asphalt 9. On smartphones with higher resolution the quality of the models and textures are as good as anything you can find on new consoles or pcs.

10. Unruly Heroes

This is an action-adventure game with gorgeous two-dimensional graphics that tells the storey of the novella Journey to the West, based on ancient Chinese mythology. The mystical power of ancient scripture fragments was absorbed by the majority of the animals on the planet. Which they could not cope with which turned them into vile and evil monsters. You also have to play the role of a master and three of his students who intend to collect all the fragments together and create new scriptures in order to restore peace on the planet.

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Final Word On New Android Games

That’s it guys if you found this post interesting then leave a comment which game your going to play. And for more android games visit Here. Want to explore more visit Here.

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