These Are The Top 5 Android Games Everyone Is Playing In 2018
There was a time once automaton games were way behind iOS–the graphics were subpar, details or capabilities were lower and also the expertise simply wasn’t exciting. Those days are long gone currentlyautomaton has returned an extended method and due to the lowering gap between software package and hardware, automaton currently gets a number of the simplest games in the city

In fact, the trend has picked up such a lot, smartphone manufacturers have currently started planning special “Gaming Phones” that incorporate higher cooling mechanisms, over-clocked CPUs and high screen refresh rate. 

Their ar an entire ton of free games on the Play Store awaiting your attention, and it will be laborious to choose out the simplest ones at a look. Here’s an inventory of the foremost widespread games on an automaton that everybody is enjoying right now!


It’s no surprise that this game created it to the list. This game has been massively trending in an Asian country and is very addictive. For people who are not aware, this can be Associate in Nursing open world game whereby you fight different players in the period to survive. Considering the actual fact that it is a mobile game, the open world map is very rare and elaborated

The developers have created it easier for mobile players to choose up and manage things, and have conjointly side bots within the lowest ranks to assist ease players into the sporting expertise.

The game is well optimized and might scale down graphics looking on the hardware; thusvirtually every device out there will run this game. the simplest half is, you’ll group along with your mates and make your own final squad for survival. 
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2.Infinity Ops

This is a multiplayer first-person shooter that contains a sci-fi background to that. The event of the sport takes place within the distant future once humanity has surpassed the boundaries of technological development and also theworld has descended into the chaos of heavenly body warfare. 

It has a large vary of armaments like plasma rifles and gadgets like jetpacks. you’ll additionally produce your own kin group (squad) and play multiples modes like Deathmatch and Hardcore. 

Even if you’ve got a phone with low specs, the sport has settings to scale down graphics. The vary and depth of the gameplay are spectacular for a mobile shooter and is that the nighest issue to Desinty or Halo on your smartphone.
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3.Shadowgun Legends

There square measure several out there World Health Organization don’t like the Battle Royale format, for them, Madfinger Games has Shadowgun Legends. The player is associate collection mercenary or ‘Shadowgun’ World Health Organization fights alien forces and mercenaries for cash and loot. 

The game contains a large choice of weapons, armor, and skins for your Shadowgun. The story campaign is thrilling additionally the} game also supports co-op missions whereby up to a few of your friends will create a squad. there’s conjointly a period team vs team battle. 

Although in-app purchases exist, they’re chiefly for cosmetic additions to the Shadowgun that do not offer players a competitive advantage.
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4.Clash Royal

Clash Royale could be a product of Clash of Clans and is that the hottest “freemium” mobile game within the world immediately. In Clash Royale, you are taking half in one-on-one battles with different players from all around the world. 

The majority of Clash Royale’s gameplay revolves around attempting to use resources effectively. It combines the simplest parts of the Tower Defense ANd Action Real Time Strategy genres to make addictive and competitive expertise

The game could be a number of years recent however has seen large user retention. In fact, it created over US$ onebillion in revenue throughout its 1st year alone.
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5.HQ Trivia
HQ trivia may be a live trivia app that you just play for real cashthe sport consists of twelve multiple selection trifle queriesstarting from simple to devastatingly laborious. The daily weekday money pot has up to US$ five,000 with a Sunday evening game that’s typically around US$ twenty-five,000. 
Earlier the app was obtainable solely on iOS however Associate in Nursing golem version was launched early this year. you’ll be able to live with a PayPal account whenever you wish to. there’s no minimum threshold.
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