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ganstar vegas apk data


Gangstar Vegas is an action game for third-person shooters. You’re going to play as the rising champion of MMA. You are expected to throw your bout at the fighting case of the year framed by the mafia. You have just become the city’s most wanted man. You will have to keep your gun closely in a place where violence is everywhere and take part in the wildest mafia wars ever.
It’s a game like Grand Theft Auto that walks and talks, but by no appreciable measure comes close to the series that it’s trying to imitate and pretend to be. Gangstar Vegas looks good and has its moments of excitement, but if you’re a fan, Gangstar Vegas is only almost there, but not really that, always holding San Andreas in mind.

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The third-person open world action-adventure video game is Gangstar Vegas Game. You can either explore the game world on foot or by car. Players will kill pedestrians and smash any cars in order to get the collectibles. With Gameloft promoting it as “Gangstar ‘s biggest open-world,” the entire gaming world is even bigger.
Players will wander around the game world and engage in various side events, such as gang wars, bank robberies, street racing, and underground combat tournaments, along with completing several missions.
The game also allows for property management, enabling the player to receive income from trades gained in the game. In gang wars with flamethrowers, Molotov cocktails, grenade launchers, and several other lethal weapons and equipment, the player will join.

Gangstar Vegas: World Of Crime Characters And Features:

You’re going to control a character whose dream was to become a champion of martial arts, but he unexpectedly gets embroiled in the world of street gangs and casino-related organized crime. So, now you’re a gangster who has to embark on 80 combat missions, engage in car races, crimes, shooting, and any other crime that may happen in Las Vegas, the casino city par excellence.


Gangstar vegas chatacter
  • Vera “Leatherface” Montello: the head of the Crime family of Montello and the widow of Johnny “Jack the Hammer” Montello.
  • Karen Olsen: Accountant and bodyguard for Vera.
  • Eric (nickname E-Man): For the Montello family, a drug dealer-maker and prostitute caretaker.
  • “Frank “Mr. V” Volcano: Gangstar Vegas’ main antagonist.
  • Benny: The right-hand man of Frank (formerly).
  • A priest vying for Mayor of Las Vegas: Winston “Preacher” Goodman.
  • Little Joe: A small gangster on the street and only appears in the mission “Runner on the Run.”


There are plenty of sandbox elements in this Gangstar Vegas game and you can come across features and functions such as the following:

  • There are a total of 80 missions that players need to perform for various purposes. 
  • Such as Plot, Carnage, and Heist, there are various game modes.
  • To achieve specific objectives, players need to create and coordinate criminal clans to assist them.
  • Enhance your image as a gangster by completing numerous challenges and assignments.
  • Play your favorite games at a casino and earn cash.
  • Unlock the numerous vehicles and weapons.
  • With various items and costumes, customize your player and other team members. And outfit yourself with different weaponry.
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