GTA 4 Apk: Maybe you’ve played GTA games before. Yeah, I’m talking about Grand Theft Auto, with Vice City as one of the most popular games. Each child starts playing the first version of Rockstar Games, i.e. The Vice Town. They released GTA V recently, too. But, most people enjoy playing GTA 4 apk download for android. Well, they don’t, officially, develop their games for Android or iOS. But, for Android apps, several thoughtful developers have developed GTA IV Apk. Now, Rockstar Games can be played on any Android smartphone.

gta 4 apk download for android
No issue if you don’t have a laptop or a gaming PC. Now, on your Android phone, you can play GTA 4 or GTA 5. What? How? You only need an Android phone with OBB data running on the 4.0 + Android edition and GTA 4 Apk. Do not worry, in this post, we are sharing all the necessary files.

GTA 4 APK OBB Download for Android

Even on the official Rockstar website, GTA 4 is not available on the Google Play Store. About why? Since this game for Android OS is not officially released. However, still, on your Android smartphone, you can download and play it. We searched and found GTA IV Apk running for Android. You will need an OBB Data Zip file that contains all of the game’s data. It isn’t possible to run this game on your phone without this file. The GTA New Apk download links are available here.

Download APK + OBBOn the internet, GTA IV Apk has been shared by several websites. But, what irritates us is that they have shared a very old edition that is no longer running. Although individuals have spent a lot of time downloading the OBB time from Apk. In that scenario, you have to start downloading from another website again. In the future, nobody wants to visit those websites, which is why we’ve searched a lot and found GTA 4 New Apk for Android running. We will share the GTA 4 Ak + OBB data file in this post. On any Android phone that has good specifications, our Apk will definitely work. Due to the high-quality graphics needed for playing any GTA game, it is not possible to run this game on older Android phones.

GTA 4 APK OBB Download

GTA 4 Mobile Apk Requirequirement:

You are going to play the Windows game on Android OS because it is not an official Android game. So, to play GTA 4, you need some special requirements. Well, not extraordinary, but yeah, some required specifications need to be checked out. Don’t worry, in the section below, we’ll send you all the necessary files, here’s just a list of all the necessary stuff.
In order to play GTA 4 on Android, these are the only specifications. There’s nothing remarkable on the above list, in my opinion. But, also, this list has been shared by me to fix all your confusion. Now, you can proceed to the main steps provided below whenever you get ready for all the necessary items.

How To Download And Install GTA 4

In order to install Grand Theft Auto 4 Apk on your computer, there is no unique step necessary. One more thing you have to do is transfer the downloaded OBB file to a folder, which I will explain in the steps below. We will tell you a step-by-step guide, no matter if you have never installed any PC game on your Android. Without wasting our time, let’s get to the main steps.
  1. First of all, from here, download GTA 4 Apk + Obb From Above
  2. On your Android, install the downloaded Apk, and you will get it in the update folder.
  3. If any security error occurs during installation, go to Settings > > Security & Fingerprint > > Tap Unknown Sources.
  4. Do not open the game upon successful installation. From here, it’s time to download OBB DATA
  5. Go to the download folder and remove the OBB Zip file that you downloaded from Android > > Data > > OBB > > com.rockstargames.gtaiv. (Don’t paste the file anywhere, else it won’t work for the game)

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Final Word (Conclusion)

So, we’re sharing GTA 4 Apk for Android here. Now, on your smartphone, you can conveniently download & play Grand Theft Auto 4. On YouTube, there are several tutorials available, but all of them are the same and that’s what we’ve shared above. The most important items needed are the files we provided above. Do not forget to download and install the OBB file, as you can not run GTA IV Apk without it.
If you have a concern feel free to inquire in the comment section. Keep tuned for more interesting Android games like these at our website Andrroidjam.

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