Download Kinemaster Pro APK Latest Version for Android and enjoy great video edits with Chroma Key, No Watermark, video layer, audio, and more.

Kinemaster Pro Apk Download


Looking to get a free Kinemaster Pro APK Link? Yeah, of course, that’s why you’re here. So welcome back to DivyaNet boys. I came back today with Kinemaster Mod APK. If you’re new here, let me tell you that I upload every common application’s Mod version. You can do it from here if you want another hacked or modded app.
Kinemaster is a very helpful editing tool for videos. Which helps create videos and edit them. There are several other applications for video editing, but no one is like the APK 2020 Kinemaster Pro. This one is very easy to use and takes very little time for videos to be edited.
All are busy with their jobs in the present period. Nobody’s got time. Some individuals are busy doing nine to five jobs and some are researching. Some are busy handling their business. So, it’s really hard to find time to do something else. Kinemaster Mod APK is a video editor that saves time.

Download Kinemaster Pro Apk For Android

I have given the link to download the KineMaster Pro Apk below, you can use all Mod / Pro Version in your mobile for free, and have all unlocked in all features of kinemaster with chroma key and without watermark.

How to Download Kinemaster Pro apk?

  • Download the app.
  • Locate Fill and Install App.
  • Enable Unknown Sources.
  • Open the app and do the required setting if necessary.

KineMaster Pro APK Information

I know that you are here to download the Kineaster APK, but it is my responsibility to provide you with all the KineMaster related information. You can skip this section and read from the section below if you are aware of the KineMaster Free APK.
KineMaster allows us by using an Android phone to edit high-quality images. There were very few and challenging video editing applications for Android a few years ago. But this wonderful app was developed by NexStreaming Corp for us.
We need to use a computer and heavy tools to edit some videos because there is no programme like Kinemaster. But KineMaster enables us to perform any task of video editing, such as making video, mixing video, inserting gestures, and animations, etc. Kinemaster has several more functions, but let’s jump to Kinemaster pro mod APK.

About Kinemaster Pro Apk  File

Below we have explained the technical information of Kinemaster Mod. In this section, you will see the size of the APK and the version etc. of this application.
NameKinemaster Pro Apk Download
Size76 MB
Modded Version4.15.9.17782.GP
Offered ByKinemaster Corporation
Mod FeaturesPro Unlocked Chroma key + No Watermark
Updated OnNovamber 12, 2020

Features of KineMaster Pro

All the features of this app are incredible. But I have concentrated on a few of the KineMaster Mod’s most important features that you should not skip.

Chroma Key

There is no better way than Chroma Key to adjust the context of any video in a professional way. You can use any other background image by adjusting the background of the video with the aid of the Chroma Key Function. In this KineMaster MOD APK, this feature is available. By the way, some Limited Features Free (Play Store) versions of Chroma Key are also available, but I would recommend using Unrestricted Chroma Key with KineMaster Pro APK.

No WaterMarks

Using the PlayStore version of KineMaster and becoming annoyed with the watermark? Don’t worry, the KineMaster Mod is your answer. Without any WaterMark, you can now create and edit your images. If you are doing regular video editing for your hobby, then when Watermark appears on the video there is no problem, but if you are a maker of Youtuber or Video and millions of people are watching your videos. Then you have to take extra note that on your video the watermark is not apparent as it has a negative effect on your audience. So you can download the without watermark kinemaster pro.


You can use unlimited video layers in this MOD version of the KineMaster APK, and you can also use photos, stickers & text as a layer. That can help you make it attractive for your videos. You must have used the free edition of Kinemaster and you must have enjoyed it, but you are reading KineMaster Pro APK ‘s features. You must have found that you find limited layers in it in KineMaster APK, and you have to buy the rest. But you will obtain Unlimited Layers in this KineMaster MOD APK. You’ll be able to edit videos much better with the aid of that.

Supposrt All Versions

If you have a very old Android phone or you have bought a phone with a very limited Android version, then you don’t have to worry about it because KineMaster MOD APK works on almost all Android phones. No matter what your Android version is, on any Android phone, you can use the KineMaster mod. Without thinking more, download it now.

Anytime Preview

Often your project happens to be long. And when editing it, you make a lot of errors. What you can only see later when you export. But if you are going to download KineMaster Pro APK and help with video editing, you can preview the project as much as you like. Anytime you want, you can preview your videos. Nobody would discourage you from doing this. This feature will help you make the job simple for you. You can check the way your video looks.

Some More Features:

  • Several video layers, images, stickers, special effects, text, and handwriting.
  • Easy-to-use Beginners Gui.
  • Using photos to make slideshow-type videos.
  • For a special look, Reverse Your Videos.
  • To produce Startling, Beautiful Effects blending modes.
  • Trim, Seed, and Splice.
  • Like Layout & Features, Professional Video Editor
  • The Asset Store offers a regular update of music, clip graphics, fonts, stickers, transitions, and more to enhance your video.
  • Speed adjustment for time-lapse and effects of slow-motion.
  • 4 K 2160p Video Export at 60FPS.
  • Apply different colour philtres to make the video stand out.
  • To Add Motion To Layers Keyframe Animation Tool.
  • Layers: Media, Effects, Overlay, Handwriting, Text.
  • Video Layers Unlimited
  • Editing techniques for trimming, splicing, and cropping videos.
  • Several video layers, images, stickers, special effects, text, and handwriting.
  • Speed adjustment for time lapse effects and slow motion.

All Other Versions Of KineMaster Pro Apk Given Down Below

Guys, we didn’t stop with KineMaster Pro Just APK in this article. We appreciate your need for that. And to understand your curiosity, we did little more hard work and found that many of you are not happy with KineMaster Mod Premium APK. If you are still happy after downloading KineMaster Pro APK now, don’t worry about the list below being for you. This is where you’ll get all the other KineMaster pro variants.

Kinemaster Prime

This is similar to the KineMaster Pro Mod Apk, but for this you need to install both the Playstore Version of Kinemaster and Kinemaster Prime. So that you can access all Paid Features Free.

KineMaster V8 Pro

Have you tried to edit a video using Filmora or Camtasia? If not, for your information, let me tell you that these are the most Advance video editing software for PCs. No Android application can edit videos like them. But Kinemaster V8 is the most advanced version of KineMaster Prime.

Kinemaster Diamond

The modified and cracked version of KineMaster is similar to KineMaster Diamond APK with all the unlocked features. I would recommend you to use it at least once to edit your video. You will be surprised by this.

Kinemaster Lite Pro

Lite Word After KineMaster is saying that it is Lite version KineMater Premium APK. So I don’t need to tell you more about it, but still, I would like to tell you that it will take up very little space on your phone and give you almost all the useful features.

Kinemaster V3

In this MOD v3 version of KineMaster, you will get Unlocked Chroma Key Feature. If you want to give Advance Look to your video with a Watermark then use KineMaster MOD v3.

Kinemaster Green

KineMaster Green Pro APK is one of the most used KM video editing app. Most pf Youtube and Pro video editors use this application to create attractive videos. You can also do this using Green Keymaster Pro. Let us know that KineMaster Green is also a Premium APK with all premium and advanced unlock features.
Note: These are all versions of the Kinemaster Pro Apk. You can try these one by one. Check out every edition and get a new experience with each one. But I would advise you to use only that which is easy for you and meets your need.

Frequently asked questions about KineMaster Pro APK

If you are a video editor and want to learn video editing for your business or YouTube channel, there is no better option than KineMod Mod APK. But from downloading KineMaster PRO APK to video editing, users have a lot of questions in mind. The answer to which you do not get anywhere. We have, therefore, inserted a portion of these FAQs.
We answered a couple of the most commonly asked questions below.. By reading this, what has come in your mind will be satisfied. But apart from these questions, if you have any question in your mind, then you can also ask usby commenting. We will do whatever we can to respond to you as soon as possible.

1. What is KineMaster diamond?

The best KineMaster Premium APK option that you can use for free is KineMaster Diamond. You must unlock KineMaster Diamond in every features of Kinemaster, such as a watermark, chroma keys, etc.

2) How do I download KineMaster Pro for free?

To download Kinemaster Pro you have to follow the instructions given above. It is very easy.

3) How do I get KineMaster Premium?

Above I have about 8 Premium versions of KineMaster, which you can download and use Premium version for free.

4) Is KineMaster free to use?

KineMaster is available for both Free and Paid. In the free version you will not be able to carry the features of KineMaster Premium.

5. Which video format does KineMaster support?

KineMaster supports MP4 (H. 264 Baseline / Main / High Profile + AAC LC / PCM) etc.

Bottom Line

Hope you liked our post free download latest version KineMaster Pro APK for Android . If you have any problem in downloading KineMaster Pro APK, then you can tell us by commenting. If you want to get such information first, then you should stay connected with us.

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