How’s it going everybody I’m Darsh here. well, Samsung has recently launched a brand new tv application called Samsung tv plus. this app is available only for the united states as of now but in this post. I will be showing you how you can easily get this in any Samsung smartphone no matter if you are in u.s or any other region.
samsung tv plus
Samsung tv plus

How To Download And Install Apk

alright guys this application has 135 plus tv channels where you can watch free tv without any subscription and it also has a decent collection of movies as well. now if you go to your galaxy store and search Samsung tv plus you will not find this application.
Since it’s only available in the united states what you have to do is just head over to below download button and there you will find a direct link for this apk. make sure you download and then install it in your device once you have done all this.

Go To Download Page

How To Use

  • When you open the app you will get an error stating this service is not available in your country.

guys as i said earlier this app is not available in any other country other than united states so you will definitely get an error like this to fix this.

  • Just go to your play store and download any VPN service i am using turbo VPN for this but you can download any VPN of your choice and then connect it to the united states server.
  • Once you have done all these steps now reopen the application and it will work perfectly fine for you without any issues.


Guys, it has more than 135 plus united states channels that you can watch for totally don’t have to pay any subscription for this it also has a bunch of really good movies that you can watch as well.
talking more about the app it supports picture-in-picture mode so even if you close the application it keeps running in the background in a pop-up window.
most of you will not prefer watching any other region channels or tv shows. but maybe in the future if Samsung launched this application for India or any other country you will surely get more relevant content as well.
Final Words
I really love this official app is you can watch 135 plus channels without any subscription. so just go ahead and try out this application it is totally free to download also let me know in the comments section if you like this application or not.

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