Today I am here with some gaming accessories. Which you can use on your smartphones And still fell the Rogue experience. Which are these accessories and what are their features.
best gaming acessories
best gaming acessories.jpg

Here Is the List Of 6 Best Gaming Accessories For Phone

1.Amkette Evo Gamepad Go

Evo Gamepad Go
Evo Gamepad Go.jpg

It runs on Bluetooth 4.0 It has an Inbuild battery which lasts up to 10-12 hours on a single charge. Smartphone Clamp is on the top 2 Analog sticks Analog triggers will smoothen your FPS Game experience. which will help in the shooting and firing. Here is the D-Pad Not only, you can play PubG and mobile games But also you can connect it with a PC, laptop and PS phone Also, it has a strong in-build. as you can see here is the Micro-USB port to charge the battery If we talk about the price around Rs.2099 but after availing of some discounts, coupons you can get it for Rs.1,000-1,200. 


Realme Buds Air
Realme Buds Air.jpg
Many of you are not in the favor of TWS while playing. We should use Wired Headphones or Headset I’ll tell you why we should not use it While gaming, one side you’re charging the phone. On the other side, there’s a wired headphone or wired headset which will make it difficult for you to operate. Realme Buds has an A1 chip promising the super low latency. To be honest, even while playing I haven’t felt any latency And the sound output is really smooth while gaming. Latency gets slow because of the dedicated gaming board. So if you hold the buds for two seconds You’ll be notified with the sound of an engine ref Turning on the gaming mode and latency gets smooth and low. Best buy link


Cooling Pad
Cooling Pad.jpg
Having the PubG sign in the center In the center, there’s a fan with a Power On button. Pressing on the button will make the fun work There’ an adjustable clamp Mound it on your phone. like this And enjoy playing PubG It contains 500 MaH Battery and to charge it there’s a Micro USB port in the bottom It works for around 2-3 hours. You can charge it while playing the game Only problem is that the clamps are placed where generally phones have their volume rocker and power button. PubG lovers must have it Because the phone extremely heats up while playing PubG which makes it a must-have accessory for PubG players. Best buy link

4. MI Power Bank 2i

Mi Power Bank 2i
Mi Power Bank 2i.jpg
Why have I ordered this? For running things smoothly You need a good power bank. It comes with a 20000 mAh Battery Which will easily charge all the other accessories. The power bank has an output port With a total maximum output of 18V. There’s a Micro USB Port to charge it, some LED indicators showing the battery status On the right side, there’s a Power Button. You’ll get a Micro USB Cable along with it which can easily charge the Powerbank. Best buy link

5. Portronics Any Connector

Mi Power Bank 2i
Mi Power Bank 2i.jpg
Micro USB phone and devices Mostly phones are Type C for that I’ve ordered One Cable With this, I can charge my GamePad and phone as well. Best buy link


Aura VR Glass
Aura VR Glass.jpg
If you want to do gaming on an extreme level Or want to do VR gaming It has a strong build quality. There’s no slide option if compared to another VR sets. VR has a section where you can directly fix the phone into the fully adjustable clamp. Second quality is that its lens quality is top-notch Focus is also good. To adjust the focus and lens according to the eyesight 3 controls are given To control the distance and lens adjustment. With this for gaming, you’re getting a controller with a D-Pad 2 Action Buttons 2 Unlock Triggers Some games support VR. Connect it with your phone via Bluetooth and enjoy it. Best buy link

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