best android app to root phone without pc

Many people were asking me what are some of the android app to root phone without pc. Which app we can root your Android phone without the help of any pc of laptop.

I have told about many routing apps in this article. if you want to root your phone and not your phone with the help of these apps you can root your phone. all these apps are quite popular, and are mostly used for routing Android phones.

Android App To Root Phone Without PC

Here we have prepared the list of all these routing apps. If you are unable to root your phone then you should top all these apps one

Best Rooting Apps For Android

Here we are listing some apps that root android phones without pc. If you want to root your phone without computer then you can try these apps one by one. With these apps your phone will be rooted, because many mobile companies make their phone so hard to root. If your phone is not getting rooted by these apps too. You must tell me in the comment below, I will try my best to help you, so let’s start without delay.

1. Kingroot

KingRoot is the biggest and popular app for rooting Android phones. I have tried it on many phones and its result is very positive. I think this app must be first to root your android phone. I consider this app to be must have this is a very popular app..

2. Framaroot

Framaroot is also a very popular app and you can arm your Android Lollipop device up to it, if your phone uses MTK chipset, then you will be able to root your phone comfortably through this app, its latest We have given the version below, if you are having any problem in using this app, then do not forget to comment. You can read the feature of this app below, it is the oldest name in the list of rooting apps without a computer.

3. IRoot

Do not know much about this app, because it is a new app, and such a Chinese developer has created, I want to tell you one thing that one of my friend’s phone was not getting rooted by any app. , But when he did this app KML, the results were astonishing, in just a few minutes this app showed its awesome, I think you should include such in the app list of rooting as well.

4. Kingo Root

Many people get confused with the name of this app because it gets its name from Kingo Root. It is also a famous routing app of China and you can root your phone using this app. This I do not know because I have not used it in any of my phones yet. Just I have heard its name in many articles of internet. that is why I have given this app a place here.

5. Universal Android Root

This is the last app in the list of rooting apps. If you are not able to root your phone from any of the above mentioned apps then you should also use this app. Many companies have dominance in their phones like Redmi and Oppo, the phones of these companies get routed through this app. How was your experiment with this app, please tell me through comments.


So friends, I hope through this article, you have successfully root your phone. If you faced any problem in rooting then do let me know. Do not forget to share your questions and suggestions through the comment below. If the article proves to be very good and useful for you then please make this post available to your friends as well.

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