We are back with one more best apps android 2021. And today we will be showing you the 10 best android apps. You should check out on your android device.

best apps android 2021

Here is a list of 10 Best Apps for Android 2021

Now let’s begin our best apps android 2021 and as usual we will show the apps in random order.

1. Colourise

Colorize is an ai powered black and white photo colorization app. This app to be honest is one of the best and accurate old photo colorization apps i have tested so far.


The app is simple to use, just scan the photo or import one from your phone. And then wait for a few seconds and that’s it now you have an amazing looking color photo.

2. Wallwrap

Wall wrap is a wallpaper app which offers some cool looking neat and intuitive 4k wallpapers. The app offers ultra hd wallpapers and apart from that you have a loop feature. Which lets you auto repeat wallpapers on an hourly or daily basis.


The UI of this wallpaper app is clean and personally I like the interface. So on the home page you have the neatly organized categories. And here you have categories like abstract amoled animals cars and so on.

3. Bluetooth Audio Widget

This app is the best widget app for the bluetooth audio devices. Usually whenever you want to listen to music using your bluetooth device you go to settings enable bluetooth and connect to your device.

Bluetooth Audio Widget

But with this app in just one click you can connect to your bluetooth device and play the music. This app is really simple to use. So after you install the app just place the widget on your home screen and select the bluetooth device.

4. Among Us Wallpaper

Now as the name suggests this is the app which provides wallpaper of the famous game among us. If you’re also a fan of this game like me then you will love this app.

Among Us Wallpaper

As the collection and the quality of the wallpapers in this app is really good. There is nothing special about this app there is only one menu which will show you all the available wallpapers.

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5. Selection

This app lets you select text from anywhere that you want to be reminded of or find useful to show up as a notification. We have seen apps like this before but putting up the text from anywhere is definitely a unique feature.


All you need to do is select the text beat from the website or a text message. And then there you will find the option to add a notification center. just tap on it and here it is you have a permanent notification.

6. ToonMe

Toonme is a fun app which lets you get your portrait redrawn in cartoon or vector style using ai. You just have to click a picture of yours or select it from the library. Then the app changes the photo into a toon character and believe me this does look awesome.


I was surprised when I used this app for the first time and I really like how the AI works in this app. so basically in just one single tap you can make your own toon portrait.

7. Niagara Launcher

To help you form a healthy digital relationship with your phone. Guys this is one of the best launcher apps i came across. The launcher is really simple to use, just select the apps which you want to be on your home screen and that’s it.

Niagara Launcher

Now you have the access to your favorite apps here giving you a cluttered free experience. You can also access other apps by simply scrolling either of the edges on the launcher.

8. Photoroom

Photoroom helps you to remove background from your photos in just one tap. You can use a different layout to showcase your photos. There are a lot of templates available in the app and you can also customize them as per your choice.


In this app you can also add a logo text or fix lighting or use 1000 plus background templates. I really find this app useful as I can use it to showcase products on my social media.

9. Screenie

This app helps you to make your home screen look good with various home screen setups. There are several other apps like this but this app provides backup files. You can apply the setup in just a few minutes.


Now about the app the interface is really good and it’s also easy to navigate. On the top you have the features home screen setup. Apart from that you can also see the home screen setup by categories.

10. Meeeme

This app allows you to make your own memes with the best meme maker tools. You can go through the memes which are posted by other users or create one yourself. This app is really easy to use to create a meme just choose a picture, add text or user templates.


Which are available in the app in this app you can also join contests and see the best memes right now. There are very few users who are using this app but we definitely see a potential in this app.

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Wrap Up

So that’s it guys these were the 10 best new apps 2021 we have found for your android device. Let us know if you like them and also do tell us your favorite new app in the comment section below.

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