Hello, everyone, March is here and it’s time to show you guys some new apps. we will be showing you 10 new Android apps you should check out this month.

10 Best apps
10 Best apps
 Full App List & Links
  1. Screen code:-
  2. B-Maniac
  3. Activity Bubble
  4. Typewise
  5. Knobby Free
  6. Duplicate
  7. Socratic By Google
  8. Office
  9. Magnifying Glass
  10. Start Change
Screen code allows you to privately share files send a text through the screen with your nearby friends. and yes it’s completely offline and does not require any Internet connection. To read the content being sent and that said the art is really easy to use so basically the screen code is similar to the QR code. but has a lot of information and the address is that data between the device is a very unique concept. and in my opinion, I have you this advertise for documents and images in the transfer window is slightly slow. but the main thing is that you don’t have to set up anything just open the app and transfer data overall a nice concept of the app also mentioned that we will increase even better to check it out.


B-Maniac tries out beta apps before they come out or the public. then this app isn’t perfect after that with these applicants can be better programs of the apps you have installed already on your phone. and once you sign up for the program you will get the date for the same app in some time. you can also manage subscriptions to your beta programs are at least from the app. better manyakis a wonderful app for beta-testers which allows them to test upcoming features of any app in advance.


Activity Bubble is one more from Google. which is the part of their digital valving experiment. we have allowed you to find out how your phone is it looks like an informer bubble. how many stays on your phone the bigger bubble grows next time you unlock your phone. it’s a very good idea to see how you’re using your phone. and with this app motivate yourself to use your phone less. so small and guess what was on your phone at the end of the day you’re doing good overall the wallpaper is definitely worth trying to find out usage info.


Typewise keyboard is a unique type of keyboard that is specifically designed for smartphones. it’s really easy to use and believe me, I’ve been using it on my phone and this thing works wonders. so basically this keyboard is specifically designed for smartphone and you have different gestures by which you can capitalize letters. so I could delete so I tried to undo and a lot more the keyboard layout is also different which took me some time to adjust. but once I started using it I notice that I was able to type fast with comparatively fewer typos. the thing which I like about this keyboard, even more, is additional by which I can use things like, menu. see if you looking for an intuitive keyboard app for your phone initially Abby should check out.


Knobby makes it really easy to manage volume controls on your phone. The app gives you are not leave all in control but you can manage different volume settings on your phone. I just system notification media volume and so on so with this app you need to go to settings again and again. for these are testament apart from that the nob looks good and we have different options to choose from anything into customization. anyway definitely like this classic now quality control right now the paid version of the app is available. for free which allows you to use pro features so I definitely recommend you check out this app.

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Duplicate in Android phones if you use the board then you must have seen a lot of GIF images. is in some of them I’d really cool but now with this app can customize these files according to your choice. so the app is like a face swap tool that allows you to put your face on more than 1000 images. which are available on the app and then you can share it with your friends. I really like it and it gives a personal touch and it looks pretty funny. I’ve been using for a few days and with this app, in just one click my own personal reaction chatting on social media downloaded to your phone.


Socratic By Google we have already showcased up last year. but recently this app is acquired by Google even more powerful. so when you can ask any question on any subject to do is click a photo of the question or problem it could be a math problem or just a simple question problem. you have the answer with this clinician in detail and 40 questions you can eat another question. by typing or just click a photo of your question and it will show you the information in regards to that question Apart from that you have different topics on with you can browse through and learn something new. overall with google support, this app is even better now and I highly recommend this app for students should definitely download this one.


Microsoft Office we know that this is something unusual to be on the top app list. but recently Microsoft is in to do this app which combines the word excel PowerPoint in one app. so instead of downloading the excel word and PowerPoint separately, you can download this app. on the windows app again creating documents or open and existing files. I really like how easy it is to create PPT is on the go. your photos or from the word excel and PowerPoint documents and in the app you also have the option to sign the PDF document using your finger flap. all support office lens and you can create in his digital images of whiteboard or documents. overall Microsoft Office combo is a must-have user as well as for the student.


Magnifying glass nowadays and so on which according to me is just a gimmick. I was looking for a magnifying app recently by which I can take macro photos and believe me there are lot of apps available on the play store. but most of them have some sort of advertisement or they just simply don’t work but this new app is simple to use and has the much-needed feature. that is the option to turn on the flashlight so we can do up to 10 X and then use a flashlight if it’s too dark. now if I compared it 10X zoom photo with have taken from the stock camera app on my phone with the pictures on the app we can clearly see. All in all, a very simple app gets ready useful anything you ask me. I use this app are fun to look into the details and flaws in the banknotes. So what are you wearing to download the app right now and uses magnifying glass for free?


Start Change behaving that list is restarted change how many times you have made your mind or took a resolution for something but not able to succeed yes I’m talking about people like me to do reservation to go to gym every day this year but not able to do it but with this app motivated and focused and in the app and some of them are related to exercise more when you can select subcategories such as exercise regularly drop any just need to enter the goal in the app autologous to sync your exercise schedule with your calendar about random other getting your food and drink choice or remind you to meditate regularly overall start change allows you to think about it is Lucian’s and motivated to do something in the app the way.
Final Words
so that’s it guys is where the 10 best new Android apps we have found this month for your Android device. let us know if you like them and also do tell us to billow in the comment section. so that’s all for now if you like this post then please make sure to subscribe to our blog for more updates like this.

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