Want to customize your android but don’t know which app is best? Then we are here for you. We bring you the top 5 best apps to customize your android.

best apps for android customization

Hey, guys how is it going and well today we will be talking about customization on Android devices. Now we all know that one of the major reasons we prefer Android over other mobile operating systems is because we can customize it the way we want it and in today’s post I’m going to talk about those apps. We’ll be looking at how you can change the status bar the volume toggles the quick settings and whatnot my friend. It also has some amazing recommendations for you all.

Best Android Customization Apps

1. Super Status Bar

Okay, so the very first and my personal recent favorite app in the list has to be the super status bar. Now you can think of it as converting your normal status part into a swiss knife this app adds various functionality to your phone’s status bar. You can add gestures to control the brightness or volume the tap gestures to launch different apps or toggle the settings and even change the way the notification display onto your screen. It is simple yet so functional at so many levels and I’m sure you will end up loving it. Download Apk

2. Fluid Navigation Gestures

Now the first stop on my list is called fluid navigation gestures so these days every phone comes with gesture navigation. This is great but the way every OEM actually delivers it well let’s just say that the end-user experience will not be the same for every user out there. So the thing is I get to try out all the devices out there and while I do love the gesture navigation on some devices on some others. I’m not gonna name them right now the experience is not that good well that’s what this app concept so you need to give it access while you’re a degree. But once it is done it’s so good you can easily set custom gestures for the bottom bar along with gestures for the side edges as well and not just activities you can use it to launch apps as well. Now it really makes your daily usage quite snappy without hogging of resources or taking up your screen. Download Apk

3. ShareDr.

Now another other I use quite often is share dr now I know that a lot of you guys might not have heard of this up but that’s on you guys because that’s your fault this app is something that should definitely try out. it’s basically well let’s just say that androids show me new is way too flawed and this well it fixes it. Basically, it replaces androids native shared dialogue with something that’s more robust and customizable Meaghan pink the apps you want and remove the apps you don’t like to appear on the share screen. You can even rearrange the order a basic functionality missing from the stock experience now my favorite part here is that you can even choose to view it has a grid or unless it’s definitely a shame. That Android buy stock does not offer these features but then again that makes this up all the more better since well it adds on that basic functionality and fixes a lot of complaints that we have. Download Apk

4. Bottom Quick Setting

So the next one in the list is bottom quick settings and with today’s smartphone designs this has to be the must-have app on every Android phone. I mean let’s talk about phone screens let’s move on to 6.5 inches and even 6.7 inches and for such reasons you must try out this app. So as the name suggests this app brings a custom quick settings and notification panel at the bottom of your screen much like we have seen on the vivo devices. You can use it to access quick toggles such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and pretty much everything you want and cause it’s customizable you can also get that notification shade so it’s easier not only to see but also to reply to messages. Download Apk

5. Volume Style

And now the next one is pretty new and it recently came into our radar which is volume styles. Yes, this particular app brings in different kinds of volume styles on your Android device you can apply various different themes like iOS Mui oxygen OS or even the stock AOSP depending on whether you are left-handed or right-handed you can change the position of the volume bar. Other than that there are different animations along with the ability to add custom apps to and anyway I see I call you back for the corner section and this is where my favorite app comes in. Download Apk

Final Words

So there you have it all the apps right there to customize your Android device. I am sure you must have liked the post if you did don’t forget to give us a thumbs up if you haven’t subscribed to our blog please do hit the subscribe button right now.

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