Hey, guys what’s up so a lot of you guys are probably looking for the best cam scanner alternate is right now. you know given the current situation and we already have a post talking about the best alternatives for Android devices. However, this post is for android users if you have any android phone and are looking for a good alternative to cam scanner. Today I will talk about five of the best options available let’s get started.
1. Microsoft Office Lens
scanners app for android
The first step on this list is probably my favorite which is Microsoft Office lengths it’s free and it’s amazing the office lengths is not just a document Scanner but it also scan handwritten notes whiteboard tables and diagrams and make it readable. You can further export these documents straight into Word or PowerPoint documents we also get auto edge cropping ID card scanning OCR and more. the only downside here is that there is no batch scanning option available as of now but I’m sure an update.
2. Adobe Scan
scanners app for android
Next up we have a company that is the pioneer in both documents and imaging that is Adobe and hence the app that they brought out is Adobe scan so just like camScanner. Adobe scan can recognize the type of document and intelligently crop the image saving you both time and hassle now their support for OCR as well as the ability to export to JPEGs or PDF add to that. the fact that there are no photo marks here despite the app being completely free do you wanna shoot that I do have with Auto scan however is that you need to make an adobe account before using it.
3. Evernote Scannable
scanners app for android
If you want now if you’re looking for a very very basic camScanner alternative one of the best options available is Evernote scannable similar to cams scanner. now it comes with the ability to scan receipts business cards and other documents by simply pointing the camera at the subject but there’s also automatic image tweaking such as rotate crop etc for better clarity and readability. and the ability to share scanned documents over email or other apps now one of my favorite developers for android is the reader. which also brings about a great can scan alternative which is called scanner mini you can use it to scan different types of documents.
4. Scanner Mini
scanners app for android
Last on this list is note block which is an app that you can use not only to scan your documents but easily organize them as well so similar to scanner you get. all the basic scanning features such as automatic correction of perspective to fit the photos perfectly aligned on top of that the app allows you to classify documents. My aspects such as date of creation or addition you can even set the PDF size for your custom Knowles. now if you’re a student who takes a lot of notes this might be the best pick of the lot for you.
5. Notebloc
scanners app for android
If you have a Notebloc notebook, download our application, because if you like our notebooks, the app will make you fall in love with them.
Download Links
  1. Microsoft Office Lens – Download
  2. Adobe Scan – Download
  3. Evernote Scannable – Download
  4. Scanner Mini – Download
  5. Notebloc – Download
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