One of the online game genres that remains popular in India today is shooting. After years of success with Point Blank, Garena still relies on this FPS game genre as a source of income. Therefore, this game publisher company in Indonesia is looking for another name to replace Point Blank. There is also a name that replaces it is Free Fire. And this time Kabar Games will discuss how to get free Diamonds without having to top up on Free Fire (FF).

8 Ways to Get Free Diamonds for Free Fire

As in other freemium games, this game also has a currency that is used to buy premium items. The currency is diamond in addition to the free FF skin, of course. Getting this payment tool for free is one that many players are targeting. However, most of them buy illegal diamonds, or with a hack system. Even though there are several ways to get diamonds (DM) for free legally in the Free Fire (FF) game in 2020, as explained below.

1. Fill in Opinions on Google Opinion Rewards

Google opinion rewards
Google has a program that gives Google Gift Cards as prizes. Meanwhile, in order to get a Google Gift Card payout, you must continue to follow the survey given by Google about brands. Give your opinion on the brand in question. You must continue to monitor notifications from the Google Opinion Rewards application because asking questions is very rare and scrambled.

2. Wait for the Garena Event

Wait for the Garena Event
Garena publishers in managing Free Fire games, of course, hold events. Well, in events that are held usually in-game prizes are included, with diamonds no exception. For example, like the Garena Free Fire 1st Anniversary event. So, make sure you follow every event held, especially those that provide diamond prizes.

3. Redeem Points on Web Points

Redeem Points on Web Points
Get free diamonds in the FF game by exchanging points at To get points on this site, you need to carry out the tasks given. Some only need to register on another site. However, there are also those that require purchasing items so you can get points.
Another way to earn points is to invite friends to join the site, fill out surveys, download applications, play games, and try daily luck. Points from can be exchanged for pulses or Google Gift Cards which can be purchased for Free Fire diamonds.

4. Do Tasks at Whaff

Do Tasks at Whaff
Whaff application has been popular for a long time. However, rarely enjoy the results. That is because users are playing cheating by suggesting the application, and / or promoting not in the permitted place, such as in the comments column on the Whaff page on the Google Play Store.
For those of you who are not used to cheating, and are also patient in making the dollars provided, then using this application is suitable for you. Whaff uses an MLM system, so users who have many followers will be able to payout faster. After the payout can be disbursed, you can immediately exchange it for a Google Gift Card which can be used to buy Free Fire diamonds.

5. Join Youtuber’s Giveaway

Join Youtuber's Giveaway
Although not as many as popular games in Indonesia, there are still YouTuber Gaming who play the Free Fire game. These YouTubers usually hold a giveaway when they feel that they have achieved something. So, to make it easier for you to monitor which YouTubers often and/or have given diamond giveaways in the Free Fire (FF) game, then Kabar Games has been looking for them. The Youtuber referred to as Dyland PROS, Jess No Limit, Riski Imo, Maytun’s, Muz Genk, and Rajendra 29Yasin.

6. Using the Surfee Application

Using the Surfee Application
You can get Surfee by downloading it directly on the Play Store and registering immediately by filling in the required data. If you already have a referral code you can enter it to get an extra 500 points as a registration gift, if you don’t have it you can enter the referral code yok51. You can exchange the points that you collect with pulses that you can exchange for free diamonds on Free Fire.

7. Using the Kubik News Application

Using the Kubik News Application
You can get Kubik News by downloading it on the Play Store. Here you can read interesting daily news and also do the missions given to get points, but of course before doing so you have to register your account first.
To be able to complete registration on Kubik News you can click on the “Me” section then log in using one of your social media accounts and you can do various missions here to get additional points. You can exchange the points that you get from here for pulses to get free diamonds on Free Fire.

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