The developers of Free fire have finally launched the OB23 Advanced Server. Registered players will take a look at the approaching options prior to. the future massive updates can add a brand new character, Bermuda 2.0 map, and far a lot of.
Free Fire Bermuda 2.0 map release date
Bermuda 2.0, that is that the revamped version of the island map has already created a buzz among Free hearth players. A variety of recent locations are more to the map.
download bermuda 2.0 map


Map Bermudas has been on Free fireplace since the sport was 1st discharged in 2017, and currently, in 2020, several Free fireplace players feel it’s time they see the changes from the map they relish doing. Garena has detected of the request, the Bermudas map has been below development since the Bermuda plan was 1st shown within the OB21 update.
Reportedly, the Bermudas map can get a plan with many locations which will be faraway from this folder. If you follow the story, it’s like this happened as a result of the autumn of a meteor at the Bermudas location that destroyed many locations.


A new map called Bermuda 2.0 was presented to players today on the Free Fire Advanced Server and it features just 4 cities: Academy, Fisherman Creek, Hydropower, and Yagami Garden.
The New Bermuda 2.0 Map is exclusive to Contra Squad mode and is not available in Ranked or Casual mode and brings 4 new cities, with new features, textures, buildings, and more.

New Map Features


On the Bermuda 2.0 map, the Academy’s location is within the Bullseye and land site region. fashioned by 2 massive homes.
Fisherman Creek
Fisherman Creek

Available within the Rim Nam Village region, the city of fisher Creek is southwest of the map and there area unit many homes that look a lot of like stilts, if they were nearer to every different, it might be very like a slum map.
Further to the middle of the map is that the Hydrapower region, that could be a dam and specifically replaced the region wherever a dam already existed on the Bermuda map.
Yagami Garden
Yagami Garden
Replacing the island of Sentosa, the Yagami Garden region is made by a collection of ten buildings, excellent for those that prefer to camp!
As we tend to aforesaid earlier, Bermuda 2.0 is barely out there for Contra Squad and to play it, it’s necessary to transfer a file with concerning sixty-four megabytes.
Wrap Up
Comment there, what did you think of that of the map changes for Contra Squad? within the future, if players just like the new locations, Garena might embrace them on the classic Bermuda map.

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