Hey, guys, my name is darsh and I was searching for the call of duty mobile, and I found that many people have some questions about CODM. So I picked up three questions which I think people search for more and they don’t find the correct answer. So I’m going to answer that three questions step by step. So let’s see what are those questions and their answers as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions On Call Of Duty Mobile.

So guys before I start answering the questions. I’ll give you brief information on those questions. The questions we are discussing in this topic like Jump Leader, the voice of artic skin, CODM server updates. So you guys will understand which questions we are discussing in this post. So lests start with the first question.

Q1)How to Become a jump leader in cod mobile?


ANSWER: As Jump Leader, guide your squad to a helicopter spawning area and pick up the choppers. And you can zoom around solo (or with your teammates)—helicopters are a perfect way to get your whole squad wiped out, but they’re just too useful.

Q2)Who’s behind the voice of Arctic skin in cod mobile?

Voice of artic skin

ANSWER: It can be asserted by simply linking the Call of Duty account in the game. Here are the steps that players need to follow to get the voice of artic skin to their accounts.

  1. Build a duty call account by visiting the official website. Players can click here to go to the web as well. 
  2. Open the game and press the Settings icon on the top of the screen. 
  3. Click the Connection button, present at the top of the Default button. If players have already connected one of their accounts, the connect button will be replaced with a ‘+’ symbol. 
  4. Opens a page where players will need to log in to the Call of Duty account they built earlier. 
  5. After the account is connected, the Outrider Arctic skin will be sent to the in-game mail, and the character can be claimed from there.

Q3)When will the servers of cod Mobile come online?

codm servers

ANSWER: However, the servers of the game have been down since yesterday, and nobody could play the game. Opening the game reveals a warning that the servers are currently being managed. Just this morning, we got some fantastic news, courtesy of a group discord server. The servers will be back live later today. What’s more, the Battle Royale game mode is now included in Call of Duty Mobile.

Final Words(Conclusion)

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