gamepads for pubg controllers and accessories for gaming. It’s specially designed for games like PUBG Fortnite and other Battle Royale game.

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BEST PUBG Mobile Controller For iPhone

Best PUBG Mobile Controllers in 2020. #1 – 2019 Newest Mobile Phone Game Controller. #2 – GameSir G4s Bluetooth Controller. #3 – iPEGA PG-9129 Bluetooth Controller. #4 – 3 in 1 Mobile Gaming Gamepad Joystick Cooler Game Controller. #5 – iPEGA PG-9083 Stretch Bluetooth Controller.

What’s In The Box
so here is the box in the front of the box you can see that they are 2 in 1 Controller which means you can use as the controller or attach keyboard and mouse to it. The Bluetooth controller supports both iOS and Android. which is the fly mapping I need we can do the function one which is the blue tooth giving and the function to connect with keyboard and mouse.

Let’s open the box and see the content so here we have something in Chinese. I don’t know what it means and let’s see the content controller is adjustable and support phone with the screen size of 3.5 inches to 6.3 inches.

at the moment let’s see what else we have here so we got the user manual which is in both English and Chinese.

it has a detailed guide on how to connect and use a controller. in the box, we get an adapter by which you can connect your keyboard and mouse and then we get charging cable to charge the controller. all we have in the box.


well in the market right now and it also supports both ways to build quality of it was exceptionally good and I must say that in terms of buttons on the left we have the lipstick D-pad and flydigi app menu button on the right side we have a BX 5 items we have the right stick and start button I can see NZ  for the XBY which is actually going to be very helpful while playing PUBG Mobile.

On the top of the shoulder right and left button along with the right and left and here we have the flight is he tripping sport I don’t know right side we have the charging port and next to it we have the power button so in terms of design and build quality we really like it.

How To Connect

Make sure controller is connected to our phone. Installing the phone is really simple to connect to the phone you need to download the app. for Android phones it’s available on play store before iOS you need to scan the bar code in the user guide.

the interface on the app is quite simple and here we have the game here. in order to get it working, you would need to enable for the first time and once you set it up your good to go. so we have set up the controller.


now let’s play some games we will the PUBG Mobile first. Its works flawlessly time is also pretty good there is no lag at all.


I know what you’re thinking that people are getting banned for using key mapping software or even with the keyboard and mouse to play PUBG Mobile we get up there for over 50 times and did not get banned. 

but this might change in the future so be careful about that now in terms of gameplay I’m using the note5. and with this controller difficult at the beginning as I’m not used to playing with the physical left or right stick. something which we have on the regular Console controllers after testing the sensitivity of it was getting there.

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