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Fortnite Season nine is barely some weeks away, which suggests a brand new battle pass, new skins, huge map changes, additional inventive mode tools, and 3 additional months of mendicancy
Epic to form Team Rumble a permanent game mode.I just can’t build like the kids do. A new season on the horizon means that it is also time for one or two weeks of in-game teases and events. So while we creep towards Fortnite Season 9’s release date, I’ll be following the progression of in-game events and collecting all the facts here, all the while sprinkling in a bit of healthy speculation.

This time I won’t be duped into another Water World theory, I promise.

When does Fortnite Season 9 start?

With just a few weeks left in Season 8’s weekly challenge schedule, Fortnite Season 9 will start on May 9.

How much will the Fortnite Season 9 battle pass cost?

Expect the usual 950 V-Bucks, or around $10.

What kind of map changes can we expect?

With Tilted Towers and Retail Row destroyed by the volcano, and Polar Peak on the verge of collapse, expect big renovations in those landing spots. The first few Season 9 teasers indicate a futuristic or robotic theme, so expect a mechanical, utilitarian makeover in pockets across the map.
Since Season 7 and Season 8 gave the map some thematic and geometric symmetry with its icy mountains and fiery volcano, I’d expect some action at the center or southeast quadrant.

Some early theories recommend dust-covered Divot can fill in with rock.

I believe it, though I’m expecting bigger changes at Salty Springs, which has remained relatively untouched for Fortnite’s lifetime.


What’s a lot of difficult: beating Dark Souls or obtaining a ending Royale?

All I do know is that I am a lot of fearful of a wet association football skin Fortnite player than I’m of any Dark Souls boss.

What’s Fortnite Season 9’s theme?

Robots? The future? Maybe the holographic realm in the vault with start to seep out into the real (virtual?) world of the Fortnite map. The Fortnite teasers spell Neo, which means ‘new’, but is also a term used in cyberpunk fiction quite often, particularly to describe cities of a new age. Neo Titled Towers seems likely.

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