Xbox Project Scarlett Revealed: Specs, Features and More

Here We Got The Latest Updates From Xbox
X box updates
A new console generation is looming, and also the next Xbox is close to.
Microsoft’s Project Scarlett can arrive in vacation 2020, promising fourfold the ability of the Xbox One X complete with a slew of exciting options like ray tracing, 8K
resolution and a lightning-fast SSD.

Latest News From Xbox

Latest Xbox Scarlett News and Rumors (June 2019)

  • At E3 2019, Microsoft formally took the lid of Project Scarlett, a next-generation console slated to produce fourfold the facility because the Xbox One X once it arrives in late 2020.
  • We spoke to Xbox’s microphone Ybarra and Jason Ronald for a deeper dive on Scarlett, together with however it’ll enhance existing Xbox One games and the way long the project has been in development.

Xbox Scarlett release date: when is the next Xbox coming out?

Project Scarlett is due for a vacation 2020 unharness.
No word on valuation nevertheless, however, given its specs, we have a tendency to expect it to travel for a reasonable penny.
 Here’s a fast explainer on what you would like to understand regarding Scarlett:

 Project Scarlett specs

  • Project Scarlett can feature a custom AMD Zen two processor that guarantees fourfold the facility of the Xbox One X.
  • Other options embrace ray tracing support, up to 120fps gameplay, 8K resolution, GGDR6 memory, and variable refresh rate support.
  • The system will have a custom SSD that guarantees a 40x performance increase and nearly no load times.

What games will launch with Xbox Scarlett?

The extremely anticipated Halo Infinite can launch aboard Project Scarlett.
We don’t apprehend a lot of else regarding the launch lineup, however, the system can support all existing Xbox One games,, together with the huge library of backward compatible Xbox and Xbox
360 titles.

Will streaming be a big part of the next Xbox?

The cloud feels like it’ll play a significant role not only for Scarlett, except for the Xbox scheme as an entire.
Project xCloud will let you stream games like Halo 5: Guardians and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice from Microsoft’s data centers to your smartphone or tablet.
But Xbox’s Console Streaming service can allow you to use your console because the knowledge center and stream any of your own games, that leads North American country to believe this feature will extend to Scarlett.

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