Well if you’re using any Samsung devices in display the fingerprint scanner is going to be super useful for you. I know this finger pinch and looks very cool if he compared it with the older fingerprint scanner and we get in the other devices. But guys to be honest very slow and inaccurate for that being said in today’s video I am going to show you some amazing tips and tricks that you can use to make the fingerprint scanner much faster.

How To Improve Fingerprint Scanner Speed

In this post, I am going to show you some Best working Tricks that you can use to Make your Samsung device In-display Fingerprint scanner Super Fast. All these tips and tricks will definitely make your fingerprint scanner work much faster and better. These Tricks will work for both Samsung One UI & One UI 2 devices

How To Make Fingerprint Scanner SUPER FAST On Any Samsung devices

Guys if you really want to make your fingerprint scanner much faster all you have to do is read this post till the end. No matter if you are using any flagship device like Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or any mid-range phone like Galaxy A50. This I am going to show you will work perfect.
1. Trick

The first thing you need to do is go to your settings and then to display you will find this option called touch sensitivity make sure you enable this option. So that even if you are using any tempered glass or screen protector in your device it will still increase the sensitivity of your screen and make it very smooth.
2. Trick
Next Up we have a very important step that you must do if you really want to improve your fingerprint scanner speed. Go to Settings>Apps>Press on the three dots>select special access. select optimize battery use select all from the dropdown menu no scroll down till you find com.samsung.com BioMatrix. It will be turned On to default turn this off.  After doing this you will definitely notice much improvement in your fingerprint scanner speed.
3. Trick

Go to your setting and biometrics and security fingerprint. Guys, you need to register your same fingerprint on your phone at least three times. What it does is it actually improves the accuracy level when you unlock your device.
4. Trick

Now the last thing that you should do is go to bioMatrix preferences and make sure you have disabled this screen transition effect. Because we don’t need any translation will unlock the device you have completed all these steps you will definitely notice much improvement in the speed of your fingerprint scanner your device fingerprint scanner.

Final Words

Guys go and apply all these tricks and let me know in the comment section. how it works for you so that’s amazing tips and tricks that it can apply to improve your fingerprint scanner speed. If you like this post share on what’s app to help them to improve their fingerprint scanner speed. For More How to like this checkout here.

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