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How to download youtube video in Jio Phone, today we are going to tell you about it. If you also want to download the video from youtube in your live phone then this post today can prove to be very helpful for you. Talking about this phone, this phone, which is available for only 1500 rupees, provides the facility of 4G. Although it is a keypad mobile but in this you get most of the features of 4G smartphone. Due to giving 4G features at a low price, this phone has become a favorite phone of many people.

how to download youtube video in jio phone

There is another benefit of buying this phone and that is that you can tap this phone. Meaning that when the company launched this phone. It was said that after a certain time. You can take your 1500 rupees by backing your used phone to the company. Whether the company will back this phone or not, it will tell the time to come, talk about the present, many people are enjoying 4G by using the Jio phone. Well today we are going to tell you about downloading youtube video in this phone, so let’s know.

How To Download YouTube Video In Jio Phone

  1. First of all, you have to turn on the data connection in your live phone. After that you have to go to its browser. If you have downloaded the youtube app from the jio store, then you can offline any video in it. But no video is downloaded in that app will happen. If you want to download the video to your SD card. Then you have to play YouTube in your browser. So first you have to open the browser and search it tube’s website and open it. Now play any video you want to download on YouTube.
  2. When the video starts playing, you have to go to the top of the screen to download it. Here you will find a link to the video, in this link you have to edit ss.
  3. In the link above. Instead of typing ss, you have to click on OK. After which a new website will open in which you will get the option to download the video. You can see it in the image below.
  4. In this website you can also choose the quality of the video, when you select the video quality and click on download, then your video will start downloading. This video will be saved in your SD card, so you can play it later with the help of any internet.

Youtube Video Download In Jio Phone

So now you must know that how to download youtube video in Jio Phone, it is very simple, in this you have to go to the browser, you have to play youtube, you have to play whatever video you want to download, after that you will get the top of the video You will get the link which you edit by m. Instead of writing ss and clicking ok, a new website will get a download link from where you can download the video.

New Trick 2020

jio phone video downlaod new trick

Download You Tube Video In Jio phone New trick 2020: By successfully following the steps given below, you can easily download YouTube videos in HD quality for free within your Jio mobile.

  1. First of all, turn on your mobile data connection. Open the Browser inside your live phone. Now put YouTube inside the search box in Google.
  2. Now YouTube will be searched as soon as YouTube page opens, you have to search any video of your choice.
  3. To search YouTube videos, search the name of your video in the search box above.
  4. If you want, you can download any other video like we have downloaded a video of Zee News.
  5. As the video plays, its URL is in the search box above. In the URL, you have to remove m ( twice and ss ( and search.
  6. After this the savefromnet website will open, you have to download your favorite video here according to your video quality.
  7. You can download the video in MP4 360. Somewhere you click on download, your video will start downloading.
  8. In a short time, the video will be downloaded and saved in your phone, which you can go to and watch in the videos.


Now guys, if you read this article carefully. Then you are ready to download youtube video in your jio phone by using this new trick. Hope you guys find this article usefull. Share this article with your with your friends who use jio phone. And for more articles like this one you can visit

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