Today we will be explaining what is Airtel VoWifi (Wifi Calling) and how you can use it on your phone to experience crystal clear calls.

Wifi calling

What is Airtel Wifi Calling (VoWifi) & How To Enable it On your Phone!!

If you’re on a carrier that supports it, Wi-Fi calling could be a great feature to own. it’ll allow your smartphone to use the most effective connection in your house to form and receive calls and text messages. It also allows for higher quality audio, and it’s perfect if you don’t get a good signal in your house.

Wi-Fi Calling Setup on Android

Setting up Wi-Fi calling on your Android device is simple. First, check the device settings on your Ting account to show on the Wi-Fi Calling feature. Then follow the directions below to enable Wi-Fi calling and set your calling preferences.

For more information on Wi-Fi calling with Ting and the way these calls are billed please have a glance at our Wi-Fi Calling on Ting Devices FAQ

Note: For CDMA, if the choice isn’t present on your Ting account, then your phone doesn’t support this feature. The feature is simply available for our GSM and Sprint CDMA network.

Enabling Wi-Fi Calling
  • To set up Wi-Fi calling on most phones:
  • Go to your phone’s Wireless and Network Settings.
  • Select the More or More Networks option
  • Find Wi-Fi Calling and enable it

Now your phone is prepared to use Wi-Fi calling. Now you will need to line your Wi-Fi calling preferences.

Setting Wi-Fi Calling Preferences
  • To set your calling preferences:
  • Tap Wi-Fi calling (not the enable/disable button)
  • Tap Connection preferences

Choose from:
Wi-Fi preferred – If a Wi-Fi network is accessible, your phone will use the Wi-Fi network instead of the cellular network

Cellular network preferred – Your phone will only use a Wi-Fi network for calls if there’s no cellular network available. Never use the cellular network – Your phone will only use Wi-Fi networks for calls.

Final Words 
Wi-FI Calling may be a very cool service, and it’s definitely something you must enable if your carrier and phone support it. You’ll get higher quality calls and essentially no “dead zones” where calls will fall off or mute.

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