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If your phone is lost somewhere, then this post how to find lost android phone if switched offi? Will help you find the phone. Today, Smartphone is an important role in all of our lives. That is why we do most of our work by phone.

Find Lost Android Phone If Switched Off

All our data like – document’s, mail’s, contacts, photos, videos, audios, and apps, etc. are stored in our phone storage itself. So if the phone gets lost or stolen, then we get worried. Huh.

By the way, some people have already made arrangements for this. So that if his phone is lost in future, he can find it easily. Although there are very few ways to find a lost phone, but if you have an android phone, the below mentioned method can help you in finding your lost phone.

How to Find Lost Android Phone

If your phone is lost or stolen somewhere and you have not installed any cell phone tracking app in your phone. Then you can take help of “Google Find My Device”. These are a free service from Google. Which helps in locating your android phone and can also remotely lock your device if needed.

But for this, it is important that your lost phone must be connected to your Gmail id. This also happens in most cases because if you want to use any Google service in your android phone, then you must have a Gmail account.

But to trace lost phone in this manner, it is also important that you should know that Gmail and its password. If so, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

How To Find Lost Android Phone If Switched Off With The Help Of Google Find My Device

  • Step 1: Install Google Find My Device from Play Store or go to this link –
  • Step 2: Open the app, then enter email address and password and login. Remember, login only with the email register in your lost phone.
  • Step 3: In this step, the current location of your lost phone will appear on the screen. If the phone will switch off then the time when it was switched off.
  • Step 4: Below the phone’s location on the screen you will see three options.

Google Find My Device Features

  1. Play Sound: By tapping on this option your lost phone will start ringing, but remember if you forgot to keep the phone somewhere in the house, then only click on this option, otherwise it can be found to someone else when you ring out .
  2. Secure Device: By tapping on the other option, you can lock your phone, as well as you can give a massage and phone number on the lock screen. So that the person who gets your phone can contact you and return it to you.
  3. Erase Device: If you have a lot of important data in your phone and you do not want it to be touched by someone else. So you can erase all the data of your lost phone by tapping on the option of Erase Device.

So friends, in this way you can find your lost phone. Apart from this, one more thing which you should do. Install a Device Locator App in the rest of your phones.

So that if that too is lost, then you can find it easily. There are many applications in the Play-Store that you can use as well.


If you are looking for ways to find your lost phone, then you can take help of Find My Device. This is a free app that you will easily find in the play store. However there is a condition here that your stolen phone should be logged in with Gmail id and you should know its password. After this, you can find your lost phone by following the steps mentioned above.

So hopefully, reading this post How to Find Lost Android Phone in Hindi would have helped you in finding your lost phone. If you are unable to find the phone in this way, please explain your problem in detail below in the comment.

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