Here I will Found the best method which help you to solve youtube 480p error

youtube error

How is it going everybody Drash. And if you watch YouTube videos then recently is one thing that the maximum timing quality has been reduced to 480p. And now you won’t be able to watch any high quality videos your smartphone. Because of the current situation at is going around us. But guys in this post I will be showing you to simple trick by using which you can still watch YouTube videos at high resolution.

How To Fix Youtube 480p Quality Cap Error

Method 1
  1. Best and easiest way to watch youtube video at high resolution is.
  2. Go to your Play Store and download any free VPN application. I will be using Turbo VPN in this post.
  3. Open the VPN app and now you need to connected to USA server.
Once done all this just make sure you care the YouTube application from your recent app. And now if you open your YouTube app again. And play any video you can play it in high resolution which is chosen 1080p. guys you can literally watch any YouTube video at high resolution without any restriction.
new pipe

Method 2
But in case if you are not comfortable using any VPN Service. Then I do have one simple trick for you all. You have to download a App which is newpipe you can also download it from f Droid market as well.

Basically it’s also offer some very cool additional features as well.after downloading this application in you open it you will have this exact interface like youtube. And when you play any video in can play up to 2K for even 4K resolution.

Guys it allows you to play any video at maximum 4K resolution. And one more cool feature you will get is popup view it will help you to play your video used in PIP mode. So even if you close your application and open any other App it will still keep playing video in the background. all in all this new application has so many full feature.
Final Words
So that’s pretty much guys this is how you can still play YouTube videos 1080p resolution. I hope you like this post.

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