Friends, do you want to how to get call details of any number in India, then read our post, in this post, we will know how to get call details. Friends, it has happened many times that whenever we share any tips or tricks on our website, then we are asked many times how to get call details on any number.

we thought about why this time a post should be written on this topic. Friends, it is very easy to het call details, you can get call details of any SIM if you want. Now you must be thinking that in this post, which way we will know which SIM operator will work with it? So today the method I am going to tell you will work with any SIM operator such as Airtel, Jio, Vodafone, Idea, etc. So friends, let’s see how you can get call details of any number.
how to get call details of any number in India
After extracting the call details, you get to know when and who has received a call from your mobile number. Many times it happens that in our absence someone uses our phone and talks to an unknown person, who we are not aware of in such a situation, if that call is made to threaten or harass someone, then you are very bad. Can do, Therefore, all of you must know how to get call details.
It is also often that the company deducts money from your number and when you ask them that when you have not done anything, why have you deducted the money, then they say that you had made the call, because of this money has been deducted. It is also necessary to extract call details to confirm this. There are also some parents who want to know how long their children talk to whom it is also necessary to extract call details for them.
I have given some reasons which may be the reason to getting call details. It could also be that you have some other reason to get call details, then overall you should know the method of removing call details because it can be needed anytime. Now we will know how to get call details further, you can get the call details of any SIM operator in this way, just you will need the phone which has your SIM in it.

How To Get Call Details Of Any Number

We will tell you two ways to get call history in this post. With the help of the first method, you can get the call details of any number. But the first method will work in the same phone whose call details you want to get, the second way we have told you can do it on any phone.

Using Call History Manager:

  • First of all, you have to download an Android application called Call History Manager.
Download Call History Manager
  • After downloading, let it be installed and then open it again. You have just installed it, so it will take some time to collect call details. You can see an option above named XLSX. Click o it.
  • Now it will prepare the call history of the last 1000 days for you.
Call History
  • If you want, you can also view the history by clicking on the VIEW option.
View Call History
  • If you want to get this history on one of your email IDs, then click on the MAIL option, and in this way you can send this call history.
  • After a few seconds of sending it to the email id, the call history will be sent to the email id you have chosen, which will look something like this.
Call History Details
  • Keep in mind that you will get only the call history that will be saved on your phone. If you install this application on your phone, then you will also get the call history that has been deleted from your phone.

From Official Source:

There is another way to get call details so that you can easily get call details of any number. You can use this method when you only have the number to find call details. If you also have the phone whose phone details you want to get, then use the first method mentioned above. These days, Jio, Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea are the most used by people because many SIM operators have been discontinued since the arrival of Jio. If you also want to get call details of any of your numbers, if it is Jio, Airtel, Vodafone, or Idea, then you will have to log in with their number on their official website/application. To get the call details, the link given below is given by visiting this link and log in with your number.
  • My Jio Application
  • Vodafone Official Website
  • Idea Official Website
You can use the My Jio application to extract Jio call details. If you want to get the call details of Vodafone or Idea, then click on the link given above and log in to their website from your number. If you want to get Airtel call details, then type this message on 121 from your number EPREBILL <Month Name> Email ID. For example, EPREBILL JAN [email protected]
Airtel company only informs you about the call details of the last six months. Whichever number of call details you want, message this with the same number. Call history is sent to you on the same email that you write. One more thing to note is that to send this message, Rs 50 is deducted from your number. For now, this is the only way for Airtel and if you have taken an unlimited plan in Airtel then this method will not work.


So friends, today we have known in this post How to get Call Details of any number. I think this post will be very useful for all of you because we all need to remove call details at some time. If you talk to the customer service officer to get the call details.
Then they do not give you quick information and ask a lot of questions as to why you won’t call details and you also have to convince them that the number you want to know Ho, that is your number. A lot of time is wasted in all this mess and you do not get complete information. But the method that we have learned, in just one minute, we get information about 1000 days old call details. If you liked this post of ours, then do share it.

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