How To Get Falcon

Know everything about the new Bird Falcon Companion in PUBG Mobile. Learn how you can get it for free permanent in this article.

How To Get Falcon
  • Know everything about the new Bird Falcon Companion in PUBG Mobile.
  • Learn how you can get it for free in this article.

Tencent Games and PUBG rolled out a 0.15.5 update on 8 November 2019. This update has also brought host of edition and changes in addition to Royal Pass season 10. The 0.15.5 update has brought Bird Companion to the system as well. Let’s know all the information about Falcon Companion in PUBG Mobile.

What is Falcon Companion in PUBG Mobile?

The Falcon Companion is a bird that sits above a player’s shoulder or flies with the player. However, he does not do much other than follow the bird player. According to the description of the game, this Falcon will only be seen by the players or their teammates. This is why the player need not worry that you will be exposed to your opponents because of your companion.

How to get Falcon Companion for free in PUBG Mobile?

If you click on the gift box at the bottom right of your homescreen, the theme section will open. Players have to obtain 50 companion shards to get Falcon Companion Free. The first section tab ‘Summon Companions: Team Up’ will give companion shards, when players complete the mission by finishing three or more matches. Players can also buy shards with the help of BP.

How to Get falcon in PUBG Mobile Permanent

Follow Steps Bellow:

  • Go to the PUBG Mobile Event Section
  • Then go to the time-limited portion and find the Falconry Manual.
  • Open this manual from the 11th to the 18th of Nov to collect Free 2 Companion Shards and Companion Frame Avatar.
  • In order to earn these incentives, you need to meet the following requirements:
  • Open all tips for the Exclamatory sign.
  • View all the zoom photos in the manual.
  • You will find the top 1 at the top left tip 2 at the bottom right and the top 3 at the top right.
  • Now go to the Themed Event Section and find the Summon Team Up section.
  • To collect more shards, you need to log in every day and play PUBG Mobile to complete the tasks of the Summon Team Up event.
  • You can reclaim these Companion Fragments with Companion Meat and Companion itself and Companion Avatar shown in the Summon Redeemed.

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