Hey guys in this article I’m going to tell you how to hack any wifi password using the cmd command without connecting to the wifi. So stick to this post till the end I’m going to give you a full step by step guide to hack any wifi with cmd for free.

how to hack WIFI password using cmd

How To Hack WIFI Password Using CMD

How to Find WiFi Passwords with CMD in Windows  – There may be times when your Windows PC is connected to WiFi in a place, but you forget the password so you can’t share the WiFi password with colleagues.
It is also a problem if you want to use the same WiFi for your smartphone but don’t know the password, while your Windows PC has been connected for a long time.
If you want to find the WiFi password that you are currently using on your Windows PC, one quick and appropriate method to use is to use the Command Prompt or CMD that comes with your Windows.
So, how?
Check out the below tutorial.

Before Start Wifi Hack Thing We should keep in mind

Before we learn about how to crack wifi passwords, we first have to know how the real principle of wireless network protection is. In a secure wireless network connection, data is sent in encrypted packets.
In general, there are two types of encryption used, namely WEP ( Wired Equivalent Privacy ) which is the simplest form of encryption and is an option that is insecure, vulnerable to attack, and can be easily hacked.
thing to keep in mind
Even so, there are still many people who use WEP, so hackers don’t have to bother to find a way to break into your WiFi.
The choice of encryption type that is considered more secure is WPA ( WiFi Protected Access ). WPA causes hackers who want to break into to have to “guess” passwords that you have to gain access.
There is also another variation of WPA namely WPA-2 which is the most secure encryption today. Usually, WPA-2 is difficult to crack if you have a strong password.

Step by Step Guide To Hack WIFI Using CMD On Windows

You can apply how to hack wifi passwords or how to break into WiFi with this cmd. In this way, you only need hardware that has a windows operating system with the cmd application that comes with Windows. The following are the steps for breaking into WiFi using cmd.

Follow The Steps Below

1. Click the Start Menu and type CMD in the search field. Usually, the Command Prompt program will appear with the name cmd.exe and right-click then select Run As Administrator,  or for Windows 10 users, please use the Windows key shortcut + X, and select the Command Prompt (Admin) menu.
You can also right-click on the Start Menu then select the Command Prompt (Admin) option. If there is a user control notification, please select Yes.
2. Wait for the Command Prompt to open.
3. Now we just have to write the command into CMD. Use the following command to get the entire list of WiFi that have been connected on the Windows PC that you are currently using:
netsh WLAN show profiles
Copy the command code above and right-click on the CMD screen, then click Paste. Press Enter when done. All WiFi profiles that have been connected to your Windows PC will also appear, see the following image for more details:
4. Now if it appears and you see the WiFi name that is currently connected or the one you want to find the password on the list, what we need to do for the next step is of course look for the WiFi password.
Use the following command to find the WiFi password:
netsh WLAN show profile name = ” WiFi name ” key = clear
You have to change the WiFi name parameters according to the WiFi name for which you want to find the password. If we refer to the list of WiFi names above, for example, [email protected], the commands you must use are:
netsh WLAN show profile name = ” [email protected] ” key = clear
Copy and paste the command into your CMD as usual then press Enter.
5. At this stage, we have successfully searched for WiFi passwords with CMD in Windows. You only need to look for the Key content parameter on the CMD screen. See the following picture:
Well, that’s the WiFi password you need. You only need to share it with colleagues or use the password when you want to connect to the same WiFi as a smartphone.

Alternative Methods of Wifi Hack

below I’m going to tell you two alternative methods of wifi hacking: The first way to find the Wifi password is to operate on any computer. Now many people must be thinking about what is the route and how to route the phone, we have already made a post about it, in which it is well told what is the route and how to do it. For now, you should know that the system apps and files need a route to make changes according to their own and the phone warranty also expires once the

Method 1: Using WPS Connect

With this trick, we can easily find the Wifi password from any Android phone and it will not take more than a minute. Remember that this method will only work with those Wifi connections that will have WPS Enable. If Wifi is not enabled in Wifi, then you cannot find the password with this trick
  1. First of all, you have to install an application on your phone called WPS Connect. You can install this application from Play Store for free. Click the download button below to install the application.
  2. Start an application for WPS Connect and perform a Wifi search. If you have WPS enabled of Wifi around you then you will see it in this application.
  3. Click on it when you see WPS WiFi.
  4. Now you will see three pins, in which you have to select the first pin and click on the option with Try The message of Trying to Connect will appear and you will have to wait a few seconds.
  5. After waiting for a few seconds, the Wifi password will be visible to you, you can also copy that password by clicking on the Copy button.
  6. In such a case, the first pin does not work several times, select the second pin, then select the third pin if it does not work. If you already have a pin, then you can place it in a custom pin as well.
  7. If you try to find the password from a distance from the Wifi network, it is not successful very often.
  8. I am not saying with the guarantee that you can hack all WPS Wifi, but most of the tricks of WPS Wifi can be detected by this trick.

Method 2: Using Root Browser

The method we learned above can only work with WPS Wifi, but this method can work with any Wifi network. This trick can be used when you have ever connected your phone to the wifi you want to hack. In other words, if the password of a Wifi is saved on your phone, then you can find it with this trick.To use this trick, your phone must be root.
  1. First of all, you have to install an application in your phone called Root Browser.
  2. With the help of this application, you can go to the system files and find the password. Now the root permission will be asked from you, for this, click the Grant option and the application will get the root permission.
  3. Now you have to click on the Home option and you will come to the root folder after that follow these steps.
  4. Now you have to go to this folder data> misc> wifi. After this you will have a file named wpa_supplicant.conf to click on it.
  5. Inside this file you will see all the Wifi passwords which are saved on your phone.
  6. So in this way you can find the password of any Wifi which is saved on your phone.


Hope you know you guys can understand how to hack wifi password using cmd. and also I mentioned 2 more methods for you guys. If you like this article do share with your friends and for more content like this article visit Here.

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