Playing video games is not completely futile and a waste of money. In fact, there are some gamers who can Make Money By Playing Games they like. Not only tens of millions, even hundreds of millions of rupiah. However, many don’t know that playing games can make money. It is not just a hobby or a place to release boredom, but it can be used as a job that generates a field of money.

7 Easy Ways To Make Money Just By Playing Games

How To Make Money By Playing Games
Then how about an easy way to make money just by playing video games? The following are the details:
1. Become a Seller of Accounts and Ingame Items.
Many video games are played by millions of players every day around the world. Many new players who don’t want to be tired of leveling up or looking for their favorite character choose to buy an account. With so many players who are willing to create new accounts and level up and get rare characters to sell and get big money
In addition, in-game items in a video game can also be sold. The rarer the item, the more expensive the price will be. So that many players are willing to look for rare items in a game (usually the RPG genre) to sell. Then we can also earn money by becoming a video game virtual money top-up service provider.
2. Become a Video Game Account Jockey
Apart from being an account seller, another easy way to earn money is to become a video game account jockey. If the player has high video game playing skills or has plenty of free time to play video games. He can provide video game account jockey services.
Players looking for video game jockey services usually want to quickly rank up their accounts, farm items, and experience in-game quickly or easily. But they don’t have the time to play or the skills to do it. However, some video game developers and several countries have banned the account jockey service because they oppose the sportsmanship of the game.
3. Become a Game Streamer
The current trend is becoming a game streamer. Especially now that a video game streaming service provider platform is very easy to find. Armed with the skills to play video games and play games that many video game players like we can become a game streamer.
The income earned from game streamers can come from monetization with the streaming service provider or from advertisements and sponsors that come if we become a popular video game streamer. The income you get can reach hundreds of millions of rupees.
4. Become a Game Tester
A job that is rarely known by many people by simply playing online games is to become a game tester. But this one job is not classified as an easy thing. A game tester is in charge of testing new games released or recently developed by a game developer.
The job as a game tester is not just trying the game and giving reviews. But you also have to find the location of the bugs and glitches in the game. The more bugs and glitches found in the game, the better the game tester’s reputation will be. Then a game tester usually also gives advice to game developers about what to do next.
5. Become a Professional Video Game Player
Being a professional video game player is something that gamers idolize. Besides being able to become famous and compete in international tournaments, we can also be contracted by big teams from Indonesia and the world. The money you get from being a professional video game player is the salary of the team and the prize for winning the tournament. But being a professional gamer is not easy. It takes high video game-playing skills to reach the esports stage.
6. Making Video Game Tutorials
There are many video tutorials available on various video games on social media and youtube. Starting from well-known games like Mobile Legends and PUBG, to games like GTA V and Tekken 7. Video Game tutorials have a lot of viewers especially if those who upload them are players with high-level skills. New players will find out and explore how to get better at playing video games by watching tutorials on youtube. The money earned is the result of monetization because there are many viewers or subscribers of video tutorial games makers.
7. Become a Video Game Reviewer
Maybe there are still a few reviewers of video games in Indonesia. But abroad, many have become video game reviewers on YouTube and twitch platforms. The money that a video game reviewer gets is the large number of viewers and game developers. Many game developers ask for their video games to be reviewed by well-known reviewers to market their games. Because game lovers usually watch game reviewers first before buying the game. If the revewer gives positive results to the game, the audience usually doesn’t hesitate to buy it.

Bottom Line

Those were 7 easy ways to earn income just by playing video games. Maybe there are other procedures that the admin hasn’t mentioned. Are you interested in becoming the one that I mentioned above? Now playing games is no longer a land for wasting money but a field for making money.
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