Nowadays there are many ways to earn money online, from which you can earn money online.You must have heard about Telegram App, but do you know that you can earn money from Telegram too?Today in this article, you will learn how to make money using telegram. Friends, earlier we had told you about the Telegram App, so if you do not know what the Telegram app is, then you should first read that article so thatNow let me tell you how to earn money from Telegram app.

how to make money using telegram
To earn money from the Telegram app, you must first create a Telegram Channel. You can create a telegram channel on any topic, about which you like to give information to your subscribers. You News-Telegram Channel, Tech Tips, Earn Money Online, Etc. Can create channels on any topic that a user likes.
When you have created a channel, after that you have to share the link of that channel on your social media accounts so that more and more people subscribe to your channel. When you have a lot of subscribers then you can start earning money from Telegram. If you want to know that Telegram Se Paise Kaise Kamaye, then you read this article completely because here I have told you how you can make money using telegram, so let’s start.

How To Earn (Make)  Money Using Telegram – Full Guide

By the way, there are a lot of ways to monetize Telegram Channels, but in today’s article, we will only know about the most popular and easily done methods in the same methods. Then, without delay, let’s start and know that by using some such methods, you can earn money from Telegram.

1. Affiliate Marketing

You must have heard the name of the Amazon Affiliate Program and Clickbank. You have to create your account on these and share the link of the product list on your channel, then whenever someone clicks on your shared link and purchases the product whose share you have shared, you get a commission on it. Friends, in addition to Amazon Affiliate and Clickbank, there are many Affiliate Programs that you can use. You can create a fashion-related channel and share links to products related to Clothing & Style, which you will find on Amazon Affiliate.

2. Refer And Earn Apps & Websites

There are many such mobile apps that give you money to refer to others. To earn money from Refer And Earn, first, you have to register on all those apps and share Refer LInk of all those apps on your channel. Friends, if someone downloads the application and registers from your connection, then from there you can earn money. Similarly, from Mobile App Refer And Earn, you can earn money.

3. Paid Promotion

For that, you will first have to make a good subscriber in your Telegram Chanel such as up to 1000 Subscribers. There are many other Surrey companies after that or there are many individuals who will give you money to post their goods on your telegram channel. You have to grow your telegram channel for that, friends. And you will contact many such companies for the promotion of its product. Friends, this is also a very good way for Telegram.

4. Promote & Sell Own Products

Through the Friends Telegram channel, you can advertise your own services and goods. you have a shop or you provide a service, then you can promote it. If you write E-Books, then you can also sell them through your Telegram Channel and earn money.

5. Cross Promotion

if you have read the post on how to make money with my TIK TOK, then you will have noticed that this method was also mentioned in me. Friends, you can promote your website, YouTube channel, Instagram, and Facebook page on your Telegram Channel and earn money from there. If you have a website or YouTube channel, you can share its link and earn money from Google Adsense from there. Through this you can share your Instagram and Facebook page links and raise your followers, making it easier for you to get sponsorship.

6. Link Share Method

You can also use the websites of Connection Shortener to earn Telegram channel cash. You can share and share links on your channel and whenever someone clicks on those links, you will get money.So remember whenever you share a URL on your channel, shorten it from the link shortener website so that you can earn money through it.


Friends, in this post today, I have told you that How To Make (Eran) Money Using Telegram (Earn Money from Telegram). I am interested in friends, after passing this post, you must have understood how you can earn money from Telegram. Friends, if you want fresh new information and tips tricks in this way, then you can follow us.

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