In this article im going to tell you how to on hotspot in jio phone 2020. As we all know jio phone is the cheapest 4G keypad mobile in India. In which you get many features of the smartphone. The price of just 1500 rupees is proving to be a money-calling for mobile people. However, there is a question in the minds of many users that how to enable hotspot in jio phone. Because Hotspot is a medium through which you can connect two mobiles and share internet connection. So whether it will work in phone or not, in this article you will get the response to your question.

how to on hotspot in jio phone

Jio Phone, launched in 2017, broke all sales records. This mobile became so popular that most of today’s people will get to see this mobile. This phone was made keeping in mind the need of the Indian people. In which the company has also been successful to a great extent when this jio phone was launched, then it was said that you can use it after 3 years to bap the company. You will get your 1500 rupees after backing the jio phone. However, some of its conditions were also mentioned, only after fulfilling which you can return the phone.

Hotspot In Jio phone

Many jio phone users search on the internet how to run a hotspot in Jio Phone, but those people do not know whether the hotspot will run in the phone or not. For this, he uses the fake methods mentioned on the Internet, it does not get anything other than wasting time. For your information, tell me that the jio phone you currently have. You cannot do Hotspot On.

There are many reasons for this, such as the company launched a separate device for hotspot Jio WiFi before launching this phone. In which you can run internet by just using Jio’s SIM and connecting the mobile or laptop to that device. If Jio Phone was launched with a hotspot, then the company’s Jio WiFI would stop selling.

This was the reason that the option to turn on the hotspot in the jio phone has not been given. Although you can run WiFi in a jio phone, this means that the hardware of this mobile supports the hotspot feature. But currently hotspot option is not given in jio phone.

The company’s Jio WiFi business was very good when it was launched by millions of people who bought it. If the company updates the hotspot in the jio phone then no one will buy its WiFi device. For this reason, the company has not yet given the option of hotspot in its Jio Mobile. However, if some reports are to be believed, in view of its increasing demand, you may get to see hotspots in Jio Mobile. It is believed that the company is working on this feature.

How To Enable Hotspot In Jio Phone

Currently there is no official hotspot option in Jio mobile, but you will find many ways in the Internet. In which it is being said to start hotspots. You will find thousands of videos on Google and Youtube. In which Hotspot is being claimed, then let us also know about these methods.

Method 1

  1. Now for this you have to go to the settings of the most jio phone, now turn on the Bluetooth setting.
  2. Now take another phone through which you have to use the hotspot. 2. Search and select Bluetooth name in other mobile.
  3. Select the internet access option in the Paired Device option here.
  4. Now the internet will start running through your Jio Phone hotspot.

Method 2

  1. first go to Jio Phone Setting and turn on Wifi.
  2. Now go to Advanced Setting of Wifi and click on Manage Networks setting. Here you have to choose Join Hidden Network Setting.
  3. Use another Smartphone and connect Wifi, it will start running internet.

More Information

So these were the two ways through which the Jio Phone claims to run a hotspot. But we have also told you earlier that at the moment you cannot run hotspot in Jio Mobile. Most of the videos and articles that are coming in search of your internet are mostly misleading you.

Although it is also true that Jio Mobile supports hardware hotspots, but no such update has come from the Jio company yet. So that you can turn on the hotspot in it. However, in the coming time you will definitely get to see hotspot in jio phone because its demand is increasing.

If you are a jio phone user, then you must also know that earlier Jio Mobile did not have the most popular apps like WhatsApp and Facebook. But when their demand increased by the user, then WhatsApp and Facebook were also launched for the jio phone user with the update.

Similarly, in the coming time you will definitely get to see hotspot in jio phone because the company also knows that many people do not like to buy it due to lack of hotspot in mobile. Keeping this in mind, the Jio company may give such an update in the future. With the help of which you will be able to use the hotspot in your phone.


So now you must have known about to ho you can enable jio phone hotspot. If you are a jio mobile user and want to run hotspot in your phone. So you have no other way than to wait for the update. If you try to run hotspot in your phone by watching videos and articles on the internet, then it will only waste your time, so you should wait for the jio phone update. And for more articles visit Also For More how tos article visit here.

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