How To Overclock Any Android Device Without Root

Does your Android device lag while gaming? Or do I just want to boost your device’s performance for a specific function? If you’re doing not get a speedy experience by default from your phone or tablet, you’ll easily overclock your processor, and run those games or heavy apps smoothly.

What Is Android Overclocking?

Overclocking simply means increasing the utmost frequency that your processor can run which consequently increases the performance of your android device. So for instance, if your CPU runs at a stock 1.5 GHz, you’ll coax it to up to 1.8 GHz if you would like. you’ll also underclock your device (decrease maximum clock speed) to save lots of battery life.

Pros And Cons Of Overclocking

The major advantage of overclocking your device is that it feels in no time and snappy even once you have many processes running within the background. Overclocking will help get obviate performance woes on your device, however, it’s not without its risks. First, there’s an opportunity that you simply may damage your hardware. a scarcity of caution may overheat your CPU and thus sacrifice long-term performance. Also, when your device is overclocked, you’ll surely see a rise in battery drain but you’ll combat that by overclocking only your device is plugged in.

Requirements For Overclocking

Before you attempt overclocking your Android smartphone or tablet, the subsequent requirements must be satisfied: Your Android device must be rooted.
  • Make sure your device is fully charged or a minimum of 80% charged.
  • Make an entire android backup of your device so that you’ll have a fallback if things fail.
  • To overclock, you’ll get to get an overclocking app like SetCPU from the Google Play Store.

How To Overclock your Android

it’s sliders which indicate the utmost and frequencies you’ll set your CPU to run and you’ll also create user profiles to automate this process. Please note that it’s a paid app and can cost you $1.99. Once installed.
1. Launch the appliance, use the recommended settings and grant it root access.
Step 1
2. Now you would like to pick the utmost and minimum clock speed for your processor. Remember this could not be too high or too low alternatively your device may behave strangely. You can also tick the “Set on Boot” checkbox if you would like SetCPU to use your selected speed limits automatically on booting your device. 
Step 2
3. Once you’re satisfied with the clock speed, you’ll create profiles so that you’ll set the days or conditions when SetCPU should overclock or underclock your processor.
Step 3
4. For example, when your device is charging, you’ll overclock your device to extend performance. you’ll get to name and set different priorities for every profile.
Step 4
So that’s it. recommendation if you would like to overclock or underclock your device. However, if it doesn’t work for you otherwise you simply don’t want to pay $1.99 for the app, there are others you’ll try which perform an equivalent function.

Alternatives Ways To Overclock Android

Other apps to Overclock your device
1. CPU Tuner
A very lightweight application with many good reviews on the market, CPU Tuner works as battery saver to supply you control over your device’s power consumption but it is often used to overclock your device at a similar time as long as your kernel supports it. With this app, you’ll modify the thresholds and clock frequencies of your CPU. Availability: CPU Tuner (Free) Download Link
2. Tegra
Overclock you’ll select the desired number of active CPUs and configuring internal and core voltage is solely a click away. For gamers, it helps to urge an identical frame rate and thus saves battery while gaming.
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Final Words:
That’s all there’s to overclocking your Android device. you’ll easily improve your device performance using the methods described above, however, don’t forget to create a full android backup before attempting this. allow us to grasp your experiences with overclocking (or underclocking) and therefore the other apps that are compatible with this purpose.

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