Not everyone can afford Elgato! That is why on popular demand I’m bringing this post Many of you have searched for how to live stream without using Elgato. So that’s why in this post, I am going to show you how you can professionally stream Pubg Mobile on youtube using your laptop/Pc. So make sure you read this post till the end I have explained step by step in detail.

How to Stream Without Elgato
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How To Stream PUBG Mobile Without Elgato With Internal Audio In Laptop 2020

So guys there are a lot of ways to stream PUBG mobile. But today I will tell you about the most basic and cheapest option and if you have a primary laptop. which you use where you get only one 3.5mm port. Then in that case I will show you how you can stream Pubg MOBILE without using Elgato.

Requirement And Components For Live Stream Without Elgato:

  • first, discuss the components you will need for this setup First. you will need a splitter that splits the audio from a 3.5mm port to 2-way female ports.
  • The second this you will need is the sound card there are a lot of options on Amazon and Flipkart you will find.
  • Third, you will need a 3.5 mm  AUX cable and you will need 2 basic earphones. (you can use your mobile earphones) I personally use my earphones and my dad’s earphones.
  • Forth you will need a USB data cable it can by Micro USB or Type C depending on your phone.
These were all the components Let’s move to the connections, how to connect all these components.

How To Setup All Connection  And Components Step by Step Guide:

There are 3 types of audio that you need to capture for your stream. First are the Game and teammate audio that must be sent to the stream. second is my own voice which should reach the stream and my teammates. third is the game audio which I can listen to.
Follow Instructions Below:
Step 1:
Firstly connect the 3.5mm port of the splitter into the phone. one of the remaining 2 ports of the splitter is connected to the Aux cable. which will send the game audio to the stream and connect an earphone on the second end of the splitter which you can listen to the Game Audio.
audio splitter
audio splitter.jpg
after connecting the splitter, you have to connect the AUX cable to your Laptop/PC. for that you have to insert the other end of the AUX cable into the mic input of the sound card and connect the sound card to any of the USB ports on the Laptop.
The sound card automatically installs and is ready to use after this. now it’s time for the USB cable to connect the USB cable to any port on the laptop and connect the other end to your phone.almost all the connections are complete now! just insert the 2nd earphone into the 3.5mm jack of your Laptop so that your voice can reach the stream.
Step 3:
Apower mirror
Apower mirror.jpg

So all the connections are done and the setup is almost ready. The next step is to mirror the screen for this you will need to download software and that is called Apowermirror. the Apowermirror App is on the Play store.

Step 4:
apower mirror pc
apower mirror pc.jpg

Now install the same on your PC/Laptop. but if you install official Apowermirror you will get a watermark in your stream for that I have provided a cracked version. (Download Crack)
Don’t worry it’s safe, you can install it directly.this will solve the watermark issue completely. after this, you will have to turn on USB debugging in your device. first, you will have to go Settings>Scroll down>About Phone Find build Number>Tap 7 times>Developer Mode enabled. then you will have to go into developer settings.
If you are a realme/Redmi user you will find developer settings in Settings>Additional setting so go into additional setting>Developer option>scroll down and find the USB debugging option and turn it on. if you’re doing it for the first time, you will have to allow some permissions after USB debugging is on
Step 5:
The next method is on the Laptop. So let’s move toward the laptop screen on your PC open the installed Apowermirror software. you will get to see this kind of interface as soon as you connect your phone to your laptop go to the USB connection option. you will get to see such options you will have to select your device here. the software will start loading, and after it reached 100% you will see a prompt on your device tap on the start now an option on the phone. as soon as you tap on start now your screen will be mirrored on the laptop screen. so finally the screen mirroring part is done.
Step 6:
Now it’s time to set up the stream.for that just start the streaming software I am using OBS Studio to stream so I will open that. first, tap on the plus icon here and give any name to your scene. I will give it a Trial name and tap OK and go toward the sources window in the source. we will add the audio input so tap on the plus icon and select the Audio input capture. select create new and tap OK. in the drop-down menu, you will see the mic attached to the 3.5mm jack of the Laptop which will send my audio to stream, so ill select it and tap OK. 
Sound card
Sound card.jpg
After this, we will add the game sound to the stream sound card. for that tap on the ‘+’ icon again the same audio input capture and create a new source select the Mic (USB device) in the drop-down menu select it and tap OK. so as you can see both the audio sources have been imported both the audio sources are active. 
Step 7:
After this, we will set up the display capture. now it’s time for display, tap on + and select window capture. create a new window source in the pop-up and tap OK and select ApowerMirror Main in the Dropdown menu. here soon after selecting Main, your phone screen will be imported into the stream tap ok and you can see the phone screen in the window. now start PUBG on your device when the game starts the screen will rotate to the landscape now adjust the size of the gameplay by dragging the points.

Final Words

you can use this method to make your own stream setup. Well, I hope you find this post helpful. If you then make Shure to lets me know in the comment section. And subscribe to our blog for more awesome content.

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