Only a couple days after the ban, a sign of light appeared when PUBG Corporation revealed that they had no longer approved the PUBG Mobile franchise in India for Tencent Games and we’re looking for a local Indian gaming partner. However, in a new hit to the fans of the game, the Inside Sport report says that any PUBG Mobile ban in the country does not take effect anytime soon.
PUBG mobile unban date
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PUBG Mobile may be back soon with Jio Platforms, talks yet to be finalized

The reports come from the Hindu BusinessLine paper, which states that the talks are going. Jio and PUBG are currently under talks to bring the game back to India. It’s been said that PUBG has long-term game plans in India and is looking for a local partner. PUBG previously connected to the Tencent Games of China for the distribution of PUBG Mobile in India.

PUBG Mobile ban will not be revoked in the near future: Report

Inside Sport’s report added that the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology is in no rush to revoke the ban on any prohibited Chinese applications. This indicates that the removal of Tencent Games’ publishing rights was not enough for PUBG Mobile to return to India. 
The Ministry’s source told Inside Sport:

There is no discussion within the ministry, officially, to revoke bans on any of the apps listed in the ban list. We will stay away from making any comment on any specific company or app.

The report also added that no representation has been made to-date by PUBG Corporation or any other relevant company official in the Ministry of Revocation of the Game Ban. 

Also, negotiations on lifting the ban imposed on Chinese apps have not yet begun. 

Without a doubt, this update lowered the likelihood of PUBG Mobile coming back sometime soon. 

PUBG Mobile unban unlikely to happen any time soon: Report

For its Jio Platforms, Reliance Jio has attracted a lot of investment from major players in the industry. If the deal works out, the delivery of PUBG Mobile would be a major deal for Jio Platforms. In addition, PUBG Mobile will be back in India, appealing to millions of smartphone players. The game is a significant source of revenue for PUBG, with more than 175 million instals coming from India alone. This accounts for one fifth of its facilities worldwide.

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