Alright, so tell us this, Who does not like playing Games? We do, you are here looking for Pubg Mod APK, so the chances are that you do as well. Since childhood, we have grown playing games on consoles, PSP, PC and now since we have Smartphones now, we do enjoy playing games on it as well. Today we are going to talk about a game whose name is PUBG Mobile which just in case if you don’t already know, stands for Player Unknown Battleground Game. This game was launched last year. so far this game was first developed through the Blue Hole Corporation and it had been first launched for Windows then it became quite popular after this company launched this game for Android and IOS and Tencent take handover this game.

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Unlimited UC in Pubg mobile hacks Apk
Here the complete sort of UC is that the unknown cash. In this game, the most currency is UC that allows you to buy anything, like Costumes, Guns and tons of things and you’ll buy this UC from your real currency, you can not get it any other way.

So in this mod, you will get unlimited UCs so that you can impress your friends and you can bake anything and feel free to enjoy it. Purchase new costumes, get the best guns out there and gift some of UC to your friends who need them.
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Unlimited Battle Points in Pubg mobile hacks android
Battle points are also a kind of currency in the PUBG Mobile that you get at the end of every game. Depends on your game, how long you have lived in the game, who killed you and how much damage is your and your enemy Depends, and accordingly, you can use the currency to change your aesthetic like hair, beard, Gender and change some clothes.

So within the Pubg mod apk, you’ll get Unlimited Battles points after every game, so you’ll easily buy anything and alter your look anytime and at anywhere and you can increase your game experience. At the same time, you can also impress your friends and team members.

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Pubg mobile mod apk Aimbot
As we hope every multiplayer gamer will be heard about the aimbot. This is not as it is, as you understand by name that the aimbot will automatically shoot your enemy, whether you can see it or not, it will shoot the automatic, this will act like a real man shooting, so that the other fighter It does not seem that it is a robot, that is, whenever your enemy hides in the back of the tree or behind the wall, it will not do an automatic shoot so that your enemy will not get suspicious activity so that you’ll not have the risk of reporting. An important note is that this function will not work in anything other than your gun i.e. your aimbot or any type of wallhack will not work.

After activating this feature, there will be no unlimited ammo in your gun. If you play Pubg mods game carefully, then you’ll easily kill a minimum of 15 to twenty people whenever to use our Pubg mod apk, you will not be in any risk. We have developed a secure way that we can’t track in Pubg Server. Also, don’t worry since this will not get you banned from the game by Tencent. You can thank us later.

Pubg Mobile Wallhack
After activating this feature, you can see your enemy hiding behind any tree or behind the house. After activating this mode, you will also watch your enemy in radar so that you can easily track them and can easily kill. this Feature is more secure than the aimbot so that no one can know you that you are using the Pubg hack version. Download PUBG Mod

Safe Zones
As time passes in the game, a blue zone, which becomes smaller in 8 kilometers and in it you have to live inside the Blue Circle and have to survive and in the same way the person who dies gets ranked accordingly. Keep this in mind that you do not go out of the Blue Circle just like the Blue Circle becomes smaller, its effect increases. At the start, this 0.25 strikes your health slowly, slowly it increases to point 0.25 that it can be used to cross As you might have noticed.

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