The Best Android Game Development Platforms And Tools In 2019

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Android Game App Development could be a growing business that’s dominating the gaming world. The increasing user engagement towards mobile gaming apps creating it a lot of popular. The use of smartphone is not limited to sending, messages and taking selfies, but as a mean of entertainment too. The best way to kill the time when bored is to play a game in the app, this is the reason for so many gaming apps.

Mobile application games like Pokemon Go, PUBG, Alto’s Adventure, and Candy Crush are the most popular gaming apps that are ruling the mobile app gaming world. Moreover, mobile and tablets have become the first choice of people to engage in the virtual gaming zone. Users are introduced to so many games that this has become the best entertaining source for most people.

The gaming business is booming through android Game Development. Since people use their smartphone the most, it is the perfect choice for developing more interactive and interesting games. Games that are created for the Android platform are the best way to earn more profits for this industry.

Before diving into this booming business, you need to execute the process of making the app properly and use the best android game development platforms. Without thorough understanding this task is difficult, and the end result won’t come out as hoped. But no need to worry here is a list of 15 android games development tools or platforms that will help you develop interactive mobile game apps with ease.

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  • One of the most used and best Android game development platforms is Unity. Unity Technologies launched this cross-platform tool, that helps Android app development team to make their own mobile games.
  • A whole team of developers can build a gaming app through unity’s 2D and 3D development features.
  • You can either use the assets provided by the unity store (paid) or import assets from a 3D application such as Maya.
  • Unity technologies offer an entire guide and tutorial to assist the first-time Android game development user.
  • Pokémon Go and Angry Birds 2 were made using this platform.
  • Other than Android it supports other platforms like- iOS, Windows Phone, Tizen OS and Fire OS.
  • Price: Free- personal use, $125/month- pro edition, $25/month- plus edition.


  • The best part of this platform is that it has solutions for all developers- from experts to beginners that make creating a game app easy.
  • It is user-friendly and uses a language that is quite similar to C++.
  • It is cross-platform so a game app for all platforms can be made available at once.
  • Including Android, AppGameKit supports iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone platform.
  • Price: average packet-$50, SDK- $39 to $99.

3.Unreal Engine

  • Unreal engine is that the excellent android gaming app development tool for a beginner.
  • It has a user-friendly interface so without any programming skills, you can create an app using this.
  • Without additional codes or changes in the programming, you can modify any feature of the gaming app.
  • If you want to create an impressive game with good graphic without much hassle, this is the platform for you.
  • Oh! Also, you can test the game inside the platform only.
  • It supports clearly android and iOS, Windows PC, Linux and lots of a lot of.
  • Price: Free for small projects, but if you earn $3000 + profit, there is a royalty fee of 5%.

4.Corona SDK- the 2D game engine

  • Corona SDK is great if you want to use a platform with simpler language.
  • It uses the Lua scripting language, this is pretty easy to learn, and do coding with.
  • It is cross-platform and supports IOS, Windows Phone, Apple/Android TV and Kindle other than Android phones.
  • The community of Corona is known for his or her support and nice documentation.
  • Use its second options for creating the sport or use plugins from its marketplace.
  • It also has a real-time stimulation so that after any changes, you can see how the app would look.
  • Price: Core functions are free to use.

5.Construct 2

  • This automaton game development tool is associate degree hypertext mark-up language five platforms that make second games.

  • It requires no coding and has many features that aid in building a visually appealing game.
  • Construct 2 creates the game in less time and is multiplatform.
  • Supported platforms other than Android are iOS, Windows Phone and Web platforms like Google Chrome, etc.
  • Construct 2: the next Penelope was made using this.
  • Price: 159.99 euro.

  • This android game development platform is famous amongst the top developers as it lets them create react native apps for both mobile and desktop.
  • The language used in this platform is C++.
  • Through Marmalade, you can create both 2D and 3D games.
  • Programming and testing are easier in this as it lets you use many different libraries, codes, and tools.
  • The platforms supported by it other than android are – iOS, Windows, Blackberry, Tizen OS and connected TV platform.
  • Need for Speed, Shift cut the rope and so on are the examples of games made using Marmalade.
  • Price: $600.


  • If you want an event-based game, Fusion is the perfect choice for you.
  • This automaton vice app development platform has a straightforward to use interface and uses a full graphics library to style the sport.
  • So, even if you don’t know how to code, you can develop the app.
  • Static games are created using this platform.
  • Other than Android it supports iOS and Windows.
  • Price: Available free and paid version starts from $49.99 to $99.99.

8.Game Marker Studio 2

  • GameMarker Studio 2 was launched by YOYO games to create 2D games.
  • It lets you design the gaming app quickly with their drag and drop feature and language which is easy to use.
  • Platforms that can use other than Android are iOS, Windows Phone, Amazon Fire, PS Vita, and Tizen.
  • Price: a free version with no features and for purchasing features the price ranges from $150-$800.


  • Create HTML5 games using CocconJS, which is fully compatible with Cordova.
  • Use any plugin without downloading it from the Cocoon cloud.
  • After Android, it supports IOS, Android Wear, and the Amazon App store plugin.
  • Price: Free for new projects, $8- silver edition, $69- gold edition and $199- platinum edition.


  • It is a multi-platform and uses category design and C and met languages for automaton game development.
  • It has many tutorials for helping the developer.
  • IOS and Windows Phone are the other two platforms which it supports.
  • Price: Free

11.Amazon Lumberyard

  • It is a game making platform closely-held and developed by Amazon.
  • It has free tools, and through Lumberyard’s twitch integration, a visually rich game can be created.
  • It is cross-platform so launch the game on the supported devices at once.
  • IOS, PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation4 are supported by this other than Android.
  • Price: free


  • This android game development tool is a package of 2D development tools released by Facebook.
  • Its best feature- creates small size game (1.5 MB).
  • Large community with proper documentation to help you out.
  • Supports: automaton obvious, IOS, Linux and OS X platform.
  • Price: free


  • It is a programming language similar to Java, C++, and PHP.
  • It has a library full of APIs (functions and procedures) and frameworks that help in game development.
  • iOS is the only other platform that it supports.
  • Price: Different plans


  • Gideros is a free, cross-platform and open-source platform.
  • It uses the language Lua for developing games.
  • Build and launch wonderful games on all platforms promptly.
  • Other than Android, it supports IOS, Windows Phone and lots of a lot of.
  • Price: Free

Final Words:
These are the best android app development platforms and tools that will help you in amazing android gaming app development. While choosing a platform, keep in mind the basic game idea, budget, markets, and expectations. These few basic things will help you select the most suited android game development tool for you, and your mobile gaming app will be just perfect.

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