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GTA V PC Game For Free Review: 
Grand Theft Auto 5 The most famous pc game released in 2012 for pc for the first time. Gta v is developed by Rockstar Social and have some impressive Graphics in it. it is a multiplayer game in this game. the player can move in any direction just like an open world map. GTA shooting and assassination pc game for free. new maps open after completing the new mission. there are so many high explosives in GTA v. Rockstar Social GTA 5 game for pc download for free. The game has some best Cheats for GTA v download and more games like GTA IV PC Game Download Single Link For PC. The player can change the skins in GTA v and can buy differed expensive Cars in game. And can play it online on serves on windows. Franklin Clinton is the character name in GTA iv game free.
System requirement:
How To Install:
This guide is created for people who are confused on how to install GTA V and its updates. Follow each step and you will be playing GTA V and having fun!

Step 1:

install the game to a drive with at least 70GB of free data.
Step 2:
turn off your antivirus or else it will delete the crack. also, add all the 3dm files in the crack to your antivirus exclusion list.
Step 3:
Install rockstar social club from the “Installers” folder that came with the crack/update.
Step 4:
Open the “update” folder and copy “GTA5” and “GTAVLauncher” to the main folder where the game is installed and overwrite the files if asked.
Step 5:
Copy the “update” folder that is in the “update” folder to the main folder where GTA v is installed and then copies the file called “metadata.dat” in the “x64” folder to the “x64” folder that is located where GTA v is installed. (if the “X64” or “update” folder does not exist just copy the folder instead of the file)
Step 6:
go to the “Crack” folder and copy all 3 files to where GTA v is installed.
Step 7:
Launch GTAVLauncher first, (you do not need to sign in to rockstar social club, just leave it open.)
Step 8:
Launch the game with “Launcher” that is in the folder where GTA v is installed.
Game not launching?:
Run the Launcher as Admin if you are having trouble getting the game to start
GThe game is in cChinese:
Go to the main folder where gta v is instaled and open the file “3dmgame” with notepad and change the “Language=zh-CHT” to “Language=en-US” and save it.

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