Free Photoshop Alternatives

Looking for alternatives to photoshop? Here we bring you the best and free alternatives of photoshop and you don’t need to pay for it all are free and easy to use.
free Photoshop alternatives
Hey guys im Drash from and I am back with another post for you guys and today I was talking about Photoshop alternatives. Photoshop is the best photo editing tool for everybody but the price tag is not for everyone I mean it comes with a price tag and form of you might want to look for alternatives. If you are not getting I mean see Photoshop can do a lot of things but then you are not looking for those lot of things but if you really want something very easy.

Best Alternatives Of Photoshop For Free


So the very first alternative for Photoshop is gonna be photopeak and well it’s a Photoshop inside a web browser. I am literally not kidding it is a stripped-down version of exactly the same Photoshop tools that you can run on your web browser so all you need to do is open up your browser and head to the photo P website.
You will get to see the interface that is pretty much the same as Photoshop you have all your tools on the left and the layers on the right-hand side you can even load PSD files into this and RAW images. If you want to edit some Photoshop files out there on the go this is a super-easy way to get it done especially for the fact that you don’t have to download anything at all but there are some limitations.
first of all, not everything is available I mean it might look like an exact Photoshop replica but then all the tools are not available. Secondly, it might become unresponsive because see it has to load a lot of files I mean let’s talk about a PSD file that needs to load on a browser it means it was uploaded on the website and then open it for you so it might take some time so yes it is time consuming but one of the best free alternatives for Photoshop out there. Deatination Link
Adobe itself and the name is Photoshop Express now you must be surprised I mean why is there Photoshop Express on the list. Now the thing is to put a shop is a very vast tool and take me, for example, I don’t use all the features that are available on Photoshop. I think I just touch the tip of the iceberg and if you’re like me you can go ahead and download Photoshop Express so all you need to do is head over to the Microsoft Store and download the application. You can now use it to fine-tune your images and edit them easily but support for raw images and much more Photoshop Express brings the most useful tool from both Photoshop and Lightroom for free it’s definitely not for the hardcore folks. But for everyone else, this app offers a lot more for free. Deatination Link
Now if you love poor old raw or Photoshop you’re going to love this one so the name of the app is Krita. and it’s becoming one of the most of the preferred software for a lot of designers for its extensive collection of precious. The interfaces are pretty similar to photoshop and it offers support for PSDs along with a more advanced layer system. There’s a unique pop-up color palette and a massive collection of brushes also you can even download and import brushes and texture packs from other artists to expand your toolset. So from an illustrator to a comic creator, this is a really good app that you should go ahead and try. Deatination Link
Okay so the next one in the list is my personal favorite and one of the easiest available app for you and the name is yes it is the Microsoft app for all the photo editors are there. So it offers start interface allowing you to work with multiple projects at once and offers all the tools available in Photoshop. The interfaces while being outdated is quite easy to use and pretty easy to adapt to what’s more is that you can even install additional packs to enhance its feature set the only the downside here is that it doesn’t support PSD. Deatination Link
Now finally I’ve saved the best one for the last and if you are really looking for the most powerful Photoshop alternative which is available for free. The name has to be GIMP now give offers tons of advanced editing options along with custom brushes and patterns all for free in fact it is open source and has a white community behind it as well so you also get access to use collections of plugins to extend those features. Now here’s the thing the interface is outdated and the tool has a steep learning curve to it which is why it is not welcomed by the bigness but once you give it enough time there’s a big chance that you would never even need Photoshop. And just because of how powerful the GIMP is and because it’s free I think you’re gonna love it. Deatination Link


Guys those were the best free alternatives for Photoshop now if you want us to cover similar posts that say for a premium probe or any other paid tool that you want three alternatives to please sound them off in the comment section. So well that’s all in this article and I hope you see in our next one until then take care and have a wonderful day.

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