PUBG Mobile Lite has launched the latest update 0.19.0 with a new map Varenga 2.0. Here are some new features on this map for you to explore.

PUBG Mobile Lite has launched the most recent update .19.0 with plenty of latest options. Especially, the developers created some changes within the Varenga map to bring players additional experiences. Here are some new options on this PUBG Mobile Lite for you to explore.

New Updates In PUBG Mobile Lite Varenga Map

The latest update zero.19.0 has come back already and lots of players noticed some changes within the main map Varenga. Firstly, the arena isn’t featured within the beta version of this game. However, it’s brought back within the official unleash of this update. you’ll be able to still explore and play during this favorite location. The arena is one in all the foremost known places in Varenga that a lot of players tend to land permanently loot.
Varenga Map
Then, the flaw on the mountain close to the Church is additionally mounted during this update. So, you’ll now not notice it once obtaining the zero.19.0 update. Besides, the developers of this game additionally mounted another bugs and glitches, like bomb bugs.
New Vehicle
New Vehicle

New Vehicles within the Spawn Island Moreover, they additionally created some changes to the spawn island of PUBG Mobile fatless. The graphics quality of the sport is additionally upgraded in order that players can have higher play expertise. the newest update else 2 new vehicles, together with Mirado and Autorickshaw, to the spawn island. Then, once change the sport, you’ll visit PUBG Mobile fatless Varenga Map to experiences these new options.
New Graphics
New Graphics

The latest update zero.19.0 of PUBG Mobile fatless brought several different exciting options to the sport. for instance, it brought back the zombie mode to permit players to possess a good thrilling game to play this approaching Allhallows Eve. because the authority has illegal this game in Bharat, you’ll transfer the Korean version of PUBG Mobile fatless to relish and skill these updates.

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