PUBG Mobile Lite New Update

PUBG Mobile Lite New Update 2020 Download has given gamers a lot of fresh and fascinating features. It also comes with the Winter Festival on the Varenga map, and thrilling snow wars. Check out the new update info here.

pubg mobile lite new update 2020 download

PUBG Mobile Lite New Update 2020

This update brings some changes to the northwestern part of the map. Apart from this, a slow moving cable car has also been added, so that players can move from one place to another or keep an eye on the terrain from a height.

New weapons added to PUBG Mobile Lite with the new update are the P90 sub-machine gun and MP5K sub-machine gun. The P90 Gun is offered only for the Arena game mode, while the MP5K is part of the Classic mode. Vault function, sliding function and grenade indicator are also available in Arena mode. Attachments in pistols can now be attached to sub-machine guns also.

As the game celebrates its first anniversary, the in-game lobby background, Spawn Island and app icon have also been changed accordingly. The Daily Mission system has been improved and players will be able to check their popularity ranking in their figures.

New Update Season Rewards 2020

Season 19 of The Winner Pass is now online. Players have the ability to get lots of enticing prizes and skins that are unique or exclusive. Many enticing prizes that you shouldn’t skip are also included in the free Winner Pass. Such as the Jubilant Baby Seal Headgear, Winter Warmth Headgear, and Winter Warmth Backpack. In addition, you can also earn several other rewards in 1 hour, such as BP, silver coins, mission cards, and 2x BP cards.

season rewards

Moreover, to get more exclusive and better prizes, such as exclusive skins, many players often pay money for the Elite Pass. The Elite Pass costs 280 BC and, since it has more advantages than the Elite Pass, the Elite Pass Upgrade costs 800 BC. Winter Wonderland Finish, Winter helmet skin, Wintertime UAZ skin, etc., are several Elite Winner Pass rewards.

PUBG Mobile Lite New Update 2020 Download Link

So friends, now I am going to give you the download link of PUBG Mobile Mobile New Update, using which you can download PUBG Mobile Lite New Version 0.20.0 For your android phone.

PUBG Mobile Lite New Update

PUBG Mobile Lite New Version 2020 Download: Link

Below I am going to give you some more information about the game. So if you want to get more information about the gameplay and the new mode.
If you want to read more about the new mode and update gameplay in detail, then you can read below.


After the new update, the gameplay doesn’t change too much. On a 2km x 2km island, 60 players still land and fight for survival on this fierce battlefield. Across the map, guns, armour, bullets, and other required supplies are created. Such supplies can assist players to fight and survive.

The latest update launched a new snowboard that can be used in snow mountains and lands as a vehicle to travel. The new Frozen Eggs, in addition, are awesome weapons that you can throw and freeze enemies to secretly destroy them.

Therefore, unlike using frag grenades or weapons, you will not disclose your location. This shifts the gameplay and game tactics of PUBG Mobile Lite players slightly. You don’t need to worry though, because with some new tips and tricks below you can still win the game and get Chicken Dinner as usual.

New Mode And Features

  • Put your character’s intent in the Universal Marks item or position that you want to mark and drag between markers.
  • Using Universal Mark to quickly offer details
  • Do not expose yourself for too long by marking the enemy’s position. After marking the enemy’s location, you can also alter your position quietly.
  • On the top of the Snow Mountain and in the Winter Castle, there is a supply crate. Wait until it opens and land there to get some strong weapons and decent supplies.
  • You should still loot some frozen eggs for use. To make a shield in open fights or step on it to ascend to the top of some buildings, you can throw the frozen eggs to build tiny ice sculptures. After 30 minutes, the ice statue will melt.
  • Using the snowboard to speed downhill while you’re uphill, by pressing the Ski button. Tap the Escape button to close the snowboard. On the plain, the snowboard can travel slowly.
  • Using the snowboard by pressing the ski button to speed downhill.


Friends, you can download and enjoy the game by downloading PUBG Mobile Lite New 2020 Update by given download link above. Hopefully you have like this article. If you liked the article then you can share this article with your PUBG Mobile Lite playing friends and if you have any question or suggestion, you can tell me in the comment section below.

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